Remember that stress is “any real or imagined threat, and your body’s response to it.” Christmas celebrations can re-kindle thoughts about past tragedies and also sometimes you feel you “have to connect”with family members you do not want to communicate with, just to hold the family peace.

Relationships such as those above can cause a stress response in your body, thereby affecting your brain chemistry, blood sugar levels, hormonal balance and immune function.

Financial worries, health issues, or having unrealistic expectations of making your Christmas holiday season “perfect” can also turn what is meant to be a time of joy, into a time of despair.

Research has shown that “repressive coping” (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2007 Apr;92(4):745-58),which is directing your attention away from your negative emotions after a loss, tends to strengthen emotional resilience.


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Visualization Tool for Love, Peace and Harmony – The Giant Pyramid – Dr Judy Hinwood

Basic lifestyle strategies that can help you maintain a healthier balance during the holiday season. Activities such as getting exercise, extra sleep, meditation, watching movies, and scheduling time to eat without time constraints are great ways to de-stress.

To help you in keeping your sense of balance during the holidays when stress threatens to overtake you, engage in some of the following techniques and strategies to support you to move from stress to strength …

  • Seek out positivity: Connect with positive people who make you feel better and avoid people who add to your stress. Avoid the ‘drainoes”.
  • Banish the word “SHOULD”: Remember, ‘thou should not should on thyself!’
  • Embrace the word “NO”: Be gentle on yourself and give yourself permission to say “No”… it really is okay to take special time for yourself. If the holidays have you feeling down for whatever reason, indulge in the things that make you feel happy, whether they’re holiday related or not.
  • Make your holiday goals easy: Regain a sense of control by scheduling no more than one or two manageable goals per day, even if they’re as simple as going for a walk or emailing some friends you have been too busy to visit. Catching up with friends can add to your well-being and help you to gain better perspective as to what is really important to you in your life.
  • Lower the bar of expectations. Sometimes, it’s your expectations that are the cause of holiday stress, frustration and disappointment. Simply allow the holiday to flow without any real expectations, focusing instead on maintaining a positive and grateful attitude. This is when ‘miracles’ often happen.

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