Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator

This course is perfect for:

  • Health-care practitioners, life coaches, or allied professionals with their own established business and clientele wanting to value add or grow their services;
  • Human Resource Managers, Managers working in the corporate environment or in a larger business and need to support stressed individuals in the workplace

Your employer will benefit because:
Equipped with tools &strategies in stress management, you will be able to assist your team to overcome challenges and become more resilient.
You will develop a greater awareness of stress triggers and become a more powerful communicator.

Your business will benefit because:
You are adding more value to your services or creating additional services to offer. You will able to provide a more holistic approach the well being of your clientele.

If you choose to become a Stress Management Facilitator (Assessed), you will be able to complete five VET Units over 12 months. You will receive a Federal Government VET Certificate recognising the 4 stress subjects you have passed and the one business unit you have passed, plus a Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator from the Stress Management Institute. This will enable you to work as a trainer or to combine stress management training with other modalities you currently practice.

The fees for your chosen course are on a payment plan. There is a $1,000 enrolment fee, with the remainder of the course fees being by staged payments thereafter, over either 12 or 24 months.

You may have some cross credits we can award you and you may wish to apply for some RPL status. We can discuss this further later.

** RPL Credits May Apply

** If you hold a Cert IV in Business or similar VET qualification, a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business , Marketing or other business qualification you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) credit for the one Unit on Business Practice. You can also gain a Credit Transfer if you have the exact unit listed above. Please email info@stressmanagementinstitute.org to see how this may apply to you.

Units on Stress Management Tools, Strategies, and Risk

1. STSSRS401A Identify and Define Stress Triggers to Promote Health and Wellness

2. STSSST403A Develop Stress to Strength Tools

3. STSGLM404A Create, Implement and Monitor Goals and Life Mapping with the Clientt

4. STSLCS405A Establish and Provide Life Coaching Services for Stressed Individuals

5. BSBRSK401A Identify Risk and Apply Risk Management Processes


The Logical Brain Measures Outcomes

“The Stress to Strength training has not only provided me with tools to deal with stress but has supported the development of an impenetrable positive mindset! My logical business brain would ordinarily dispel this type of content, however, the logical brain measures outcomes and the course delivers plenty. The tools gained are powerful and extremely useful.

John and Judy’s philosophy is based on the power of language and visualisation – the underpinnings of change and learning organisations – which are present in all transactions, and begin with each individual through the power of the mind and through our thoughts. Tapping into mind or brain pathways makes for the opportunity of powerful outcomes. I would recommend their program on numerous levels to achieve many individual and business goals.”

Julia Krawitz, Training Manager, Queensland, Police-Citizens Youth Clubs

The format of the program allows flexibility for students to commence the program at any time during the year.


Your Trainers Judy Hinwood & John Hinwood


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Information and Registration:

Email us at info@stressmanagementinstitute.org

Or call +61 1 300 663 979