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The Stress Management For Life Program is a step by step program for you to move from any stress-mess or downward spiral into calm, no matter what is going on in your life.

The Stress Management For Life Program will give you simple, sustainable, self-care strategies. These methods work. It’s that simple. You will receive in your Inbox

  • once a week a tool or strategy to support you to change your mind-set and create a low stress environment for yourself
  • on the second Wednesday of each month you will be able to join a Webinar where we will answer burning questions and guide you on your journey from Stress to Strength

Perhaps your life only needs tweaking and refining, and you are being resourceful and being prepared. Too much stress is an indicator that something has to change or health issues can result – and we are left still being thrown around at the mercy of the stress causes.

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How to implement the program

We suggest you put aside time, say half an hour a day. Wake up earlier if you must, to reorganise your life into something you have much more joy in and where you can flourish, no matter what is going on right now. Choices in this moment matter very much.

Each weekly session covers a new stress related topic and provides you with either a tool, a strategy, a visualisation or guided meditation and the explanations are clear and straight forward. They are self-sustainable and easy to put into place in a busy life.


We offer two versions of this innovative program:

  • Version 1: The Scratch The Surface Stress Less Plan: This is the 90 day program version of the Stress Management For Life Program. In this version you’ll get all the intensive tools, tips, strategies and techniques to manage your stress.
  • Version 2: The Digging Deeper Live The Calm Plan: If you really want to create permanent change where you harness stress to enhance your health and wellbeing… this is the program for you. This is the comprehensive, on-going, 90 week program. For some, it takes more time get to the root causes of their stress and change habits that may be increasing their stress levels.

The tools we offer will redefine your life, should you use them as we suggest.

Yes, ‘life happens’ to us all, and we are all here, to learn by living and doing. It is how we handle the tough times that not only shows our character, but makes us grow up, literally. Stresses large and small are here for us to learn from. They can be excruciating or simply nuisances, although when you have been in the middle of them you may have been known to screech to the heavens, ‘why me?’

We unequivocally guarantee that. Yet, the plan is personalised for you. You do the exercises in your unique way, in your time, and you will create your new stress-managed life as you wish it. Of course, the more you put into this, the more joy, positivity, connection, happiness and energy you will create for yourself.

In order to get the best results, a modicum of discipline and stick ability are needed for you to become more resourceful and knowledgeable. Oh, the potential we know you have is tremendous.


Benefits you will receive by joining the Stress Management For Life Program are…

  • A proven path to follow out of any stress-mess into the calm
  • Break free from being ‘stuck’ by an emotional stressor
  • The development of new life enhancing anti-stress health habits
  • Being able to create a state of relaxation no matter what is happening around you
  • Relief from damaging stress in each moment, you can choose
  • A calmer state where you are able to prevent overwhelm easily
  • An increase in your available energy easily
  • More joy in your life

Remember the Stress Management For Life Program package includes…

  • Receive a weekly email in your in-box
  • Be a part of our circle in our live monthly webinar with Drs Judy & John
  • Access to the Private Members Area on the website and listen to the library of past recordings

As Lisa Jane McInnes-Smith said… “Worry immobilises you. Anticipation prepares you!”

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