10420NAT Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner

This course is perfect for:

  • Health-care practitioners, life coaches, or allied professionals with their own established business and clientele wanting to sharpen their business skills, or branch out into something new. For those wanting to value add or grow their services and incorporating effective business strategies.
  • Ambitious and professionally minded people, with a passion for improving the lives of others, wanting to branch out into a new business field.

You will benefit from this training because:
You will learn new skills in an emerging new industry with high demand. You will graduate from the only nationally-recognised, VET-approved training course in the field of Stress Management You will learn from industry experts with a proven track record of rapid business development in a care service industry on how to grow your business. You can start working with volunteer clients immediately.

Your business will benefit because:
You are adding more value to your services or creating additional services to offer. You will able to provide a more holistic approach the well being of your clientele.
You will learn from industry experts with a proven track record of rapid business development in a care service industry on how to grow and improve your business.

The full Certificate IV inStress Management Practitioner can be undertaken over 12 – 24 months and is a robust course. Upon completion of the ten VET Units, students receive a Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner our partnering RTO, Priority Management Australia a registered training organisation (provider number 90911). An extra bonus is that we train you as a coach so you have the skills to deliver the tools and strategies that are a hallmark of our work.

You would be qualified to work as a practitioner, either in your own business or employed in a larger business.

As the level of stress in the workplace is huge and is rising steadily, the prospects for Stress Management Practitioners are looking very promising. You could develop a wonderful career in this field.

The fees for your chosen course are on a payment plan. There is a $1,000 enrolment fee, with the remainder of the course fees being by staged payments thereafter, over either 12 or 24 months.

You may have some cross credits we can award you and you may wish to apply for some RPL status. We can discuss this further later.

Units on Stress Management Tools, Strategies, and Risk

1. STSSRS401A Identify and Define Stress Triggers to Promote Health and Wellness

2. STSSST403A Develop Stress to Strength Tools

3. STSGLM404A Create, Implement and Monitor Goals and Life Mapping with the Clientt

4. STSLCS405A Establish and Provide Life Coaching Services for Stressed Individuals

5. BSBRSK401A Identify Risk and Apply Risk Management Processes

** RPL Credits May Apply

** If you hold a Cert IV in Business or similar VET qualification, a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business , Marketing or other business qualification you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) credits for the six Units on Business Practice. You can also gain a Credit Transfer if you have the exact units listed above. Please email info@stressmanagementinstitute.org to see how this may apply to you.

Units on Business Practice

6. BSBCMM401A Make a Presentation

7. BSBCUS402B Address Customer Needs

8. BSBSMB403A Market the Small Business

9. BSBMKG413A Promote Products and Services

10.BSBREL402A Build Client Relationships and Business Networks

The format of the program allows flexibility for students to commence the program at any time during the year.


Your Trainers Judy Hinwood & John Hinwood


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Information and Registration:

Email us at info@stressmanagementinstitute.org

Or call +61 1 300 663 979