Stress Management Keynote Presentations

You will discover from these dynamic and energetic keynote and short presentations that you can shift the current state of stress that is holding you back. This new and unique way of approaching stress management is guaranteed to create awareness of how you can save time, energy and money, so you can move to enjoy a heightened state of good health and wellbeing.

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Stress Undressed

If you’ve ever been stressed you won’t want to miss this session. and no, you don’t have to get undressed. Discover your amazing “Three Brains” and how you can use them to remove stress that builds up over time.

You’ll learn about the power of fun and laughter, and proven techniques that you can apply in your daily life

How to Move from Stress to Strength – Fast

Check out the 4 common causes of stress. You can move from a state of stress to a state of strength in a heartbeat. We’ll show you some simple, easy tools and strategies that you can apply immediately.

The simple tools and strategies we share enhance your emotional resilience to enable you to be grounded in stressful situations.

How to Hack Your Brain to Harness Stress

How to identify stressors and build resilience using tools and strategies to gain momentum over stress.

The practices are based on the power of language and visualisation – the power of the mind, through thoughts.

Tapping into the mind and brain pathways makes for powerful and positive outcomes for enhancing wellbeing.

How to Take the Stress Out of Relationships

We are all made perfectly differently and we all have our specific brain and mind pathways. Understanding the nuts and bolts of having an outstanding relationship makes a massive difference to your well being and happiness.

Learn easy tools and strategies to put zing into your relationships.

How to Relax Really Easily, Really Fast with Meditation

Even if you have never meditated before, discover how to relax really easily, really fast. Relaxation is a key to making stress your friend, and not to be feared.

Another way to do meditation is through visualisation, or mental imaging. You will enjoy the tools you can take home for your better life.

How to Take the Calm Home With You

Participants attending our presentations and trainings often comment that not only do they want to learn techniques to build emotional resilience, but also, to be able to take them home.

The techniques we share and teach lead participants to a state of calm which they learn how to create in a heart-beat anywhere in their lives.

Building Emotional Resilience

This new approach for building emotional resilience is guaranteed to save you time, energy and money, so you can move to enjoy a heightened state of wellbeing.

It creates a bridge to make proven scientific, evidence-based research and information easy to understand and use in your daily personal and business life. It will support you to easily move from stress to strength.

Your Toolkit for Overwhelm

Feelings of overwhelm can overtake you in the busyness of our lives. These days we all seem to have so many tasks to complete in a limited timeframe. At home with young children ‘going nuts’, or teenagers being addicted to

social media and endless texting and not listening to you anymore, are common causes of overwhelm. We will teach you simple easy to use tools and strategies to break free of the shackles of any overwhelm in your life.

How to Handle Stress in the Digital World

The digital world is ever invading our business and personal lives and the urgency it brings with it is creating major stress as a side effect. FoMO (the fear of missing out) is causing heightened stress and anxiety.

Sleep disruption, messing with your hormones and other altered brain activity can be circumvented with easy to put into place strategies and solutions that greatly reduce stress and help you cope more easily.

Unique, Useful Visualisations

One of the most powerful techniques to change your state and move to a place of calm and relaxation is using visualisations. Moving from a stressed state of agitation and often feeling ‘out of control’ of some

or many aspects of your life, to a positive state of wellbeing is a key. You will experience many simple and powerful mindfulness techniques that create physical, mental and emotional healing.

How to Back Away from Burnout

We will teach you our unique ‘3 R Approach’ that is very supportive for avoiding burnout.

In late May 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) listed ‘burnout’ to be an occupational phenomenon coming from job stress that undermines how well people perform at work. WHO defined it as

‘a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed’.