Continued stress is an indicator that something has to change!

Each day you need to find time to breathe, even for 5 minutes. Walk around the park or block, give yourself a break. These short interludes, as simple as they are, can be a huge stress reliever and energiser. By doing this your personal well-being and increase in productivity will really surprise you.


Stress Management Techniques

Technique 1

  • Breathe in taking two steps, breathe out taking two steps, then three steps, then four and longer, with comfy breathing
  • Take a few breaths. Sit comfortably, feet on the floor, back straight. Breathe in down into your low tummy and count to two, hold for two, breathe out counting to two and hold out for two. Repeat the breaths, counting to three and four, as this becomes easy for you. Spend five minutes simply gently counting and breathing
  • We suggest is that you could form a watch-and-support-each-other sort of group so stress doesn’t run your lives. Be brave – you would all win with this one

Stress management strategies

  • Release muscle tension. If you are stressed, you will have some muscles that are tight and holding your tension. That’s normal, to be expected. Best we let them relax as they store old stress and cause our bones and nerves to get into trouble – remember we’re chiropractors

Technique 2

Lie comfortably on your back with your arms beside your body and breathe more deeply than usual.
Make your hands into fists and hold them tight for 10 seconds then relax them.

Tense and relax the rest of your body, bit by bit, in this order: face, shoulders, front, back, pelvis, legs, feet. Imagine the tension, emotions and worries draining out your toes and fingers – and they are just energy, so this is actually  happening. If you choose to shine an imaginary bright white light on yourself while you do this, it will help you relax.

Stress Management Strategies For A Better Life

Nature meant stressful times to be short, and balanced by times of relaxation, happiness and safety. We need to find ways to restore this balance and harmony into our busy lives by learning to guide our minds and bodies to oases of calm and quiet – and maintain those in the pressure times.

A huge key is to see the stressors in your life as challenges instead of huge mountains you have to battle over – or even little obstacles to run into. We see them as rolling desert hills, which we love, with an oasis to rest at in between each. If that picture helps you, you are welcome to it. I relax between each ‘hill’ and allow the Relaxation Stage of the Stress Response to happen naturally – and our bodies and minds can catch up and recover in these quiet times.

Acceptance Of What Just Is, is a key so large that it unlocks musty old cupboards of ‘stuff’ hidden away in our minds, cupboards full of long outdated beliefs, habits and emotions that need  dusting out, sorting and dumping into a big garbage dump truck for permanent disposal.

This is a huge relief when done.

The truth of our reality in this moment, the acknowledgement of the way things are right now, is so very liberating. The tears, the fury, the sadness can pass and leave room for new and joyful times and feelings to come in.

When we do that, no longer are we spending energy and emotions, suffering, wishing things were different… they are not. It’s as simple as that.  They are not. Then we can relax.

Then we can look at what we can do to make ourselves happier and healthier and actually harness the stress energy to get into solution mode, being creative about our opportunities, watching for better. We can use the stress to drive us forward, managing and transferring the stress energy into new priorities of our choosing.


Then trust yourself and your inborn, natural wisdom. Yes, you do have it, heaps of it.

We must fall in love with a new picture of ourselves and our life, with our stress under our control.

Stress management techniques

Many of the studies have shown that stress and our emotional state are by far the most reliable predictors of whether you will get sick and whether you will get well.

Central to healing ourselves from stress is the acceptance that we are probably carrying some habits of words and thoughts that we use that are stressing us like thinking the worst will come, and using negative language.  We are most likely causing our own body chemistry to go off balance in this way. We are doing this to a large degree to ourselves – saying that, we so acknowledge that some people are living it tough and we hope you can find help to move forward and we send you love for this to happen.

Taking control of the body’s state, its’ food, its’ movement and exercise, its’ stress chemistry, makes a huge impact on our moods and mental state. Expect to feel better when you up your exercise. How about walking more? We even grow new brain cells and make the brain function better when we exercise.

What first step, even a tiny first step can you take? Once you take your first step in the new direction you are on your way. You only have to take a tiny step to get started.  You’re not alone – we’re here sending you support and encouragement, and we believe we are never walking this road alone. The tools work when you work with them. Go for your best life! Good for you.

Our Mind Set … How It Works

  • The state of mind most useful for stress relief, self healing and to change our behaviours is to be quiet, relaxed and OK with what is happening – not that you are OK to leave things as they are, no, but OK, accepting of the way things just ARE in this moment
  • Thoughts – and every word we speak as well – are so important as the energy we put out with them forms our world. The quantum physicists have made this understandable, thankfully – we don’t have to just believe it any more
  • People who are stressed can be unknowingly creating it by the way they talk to themselves, for example ‘ I’m too fat’, or with reminders and replays of feelings, thoughts and events – even imagined ‘movies’ that we create in our minds of the bad things that could happen. These can trigger off the same upsets, old issues and anxieties again and again
  • Can you change how you feel? Things like bad news, a confrontation, feeling being unwell can change how we feel. We can also choose to change how we feel in each moment with our minds, at will, in many ways. For example, think of a happy experience you have had, remember how you felt, who was with you, and your state becomes happier.  Remember when you had a relaxing holiday; feel how you lounged around and just did nothing, and check with your body now – it will be more relaxed. We can choose to make these changes any time to feel better
  •  Relaxation is a learned skill. The Healing State of relaxation has been used for thousands of years

How to manage stress

  • Big stress in simply an indicator that something has to change soon
  • How we look at the problem matters hugely. If we can focus on something good to move towards – and event, a happening, a meeting – we create an energy of healing and purpose
  • Once we accept that we are responsible for our present stress, then it happily follows that WE CAN CHANGE OUR LIFE AND HEALTH OURSELVES! We are powerful beyond measure! It’s just a matter of learning how to harness that power and take action steps to design our lives as we want them. One step at a time. One choice at a time
  • How good it feels – and yes, it can be temporarily challenging – to say, ‘I am the solution’
  • Your imagination is your major key to your better future! Einstein said we use about 5% of our minds, the Conscious mind… the other 95% is the Subconscious mind which is really our servant. It houses our creative and intuitive parts and what we put in there like our beliefs about ourselves and our lives, is vitally important to creating a different future for ourselves
  • There is a direct link between the images we create in our minds and how our body functions. This is called the ‘Mind-Body Connection’.  In relaxed states we can wisely picture our healthy body and happy life, empowering the mind to create these outcomes
  • Thoughts are energy, real forces and they create chemical changes in our bodies. Positive thoughts create better health, negative thoughts produce distress and can lead to sickness if we continue to think them
  • Sort your priorities. What is important in your life, what do you really value? Let go the rest of the roles you fill that aren’t really what you want or SIMPLIFY THE ROLES YOU NEED TO FILL RIGHT NOW. Can you find help?
  • Check mentally at least daily, to see how much you can personally handle and do, without stressing yourself. Think of the 5 D’s daily:  Dump what isn’t needed to be done at all, Delegate what you aren’t the best person to handle, Diarise what is yours to do, Do it! Then Delight in your achievements
  • There is a ‘Passage of Pain’ that we all have to go through to learn what we are here to learn. It so simplifies to accept that factDealing with Stress
  • It is also handy to know that if we procrastinate going through the hard lessons, eg addiction facing, that next time we have to face the boss,  the lessons get harder. We repeat similar relationship challenges or  attempt to cover up financial challenges, for example, till we face the learning’s , and make different choices and take steps to solutions
  • Setting up good habits helps heaps