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The stress epidemic is causing relationships to fail, businesses to falter, and health to suffer. Serious chronic disease has strong connections with ongoing stress. As a Stress to Strength System™ Advocate you can be part of the Best Practice Solution.


What is this About?
The Stress to Strength System™ has been developed over the past decade and is a core element of all training offered at the Stress Management Institute®. SMI provides training to offer cost-effective techniques to prevent stress becoming a disabling human condition by supporting individuals to develop emotional resilience, resourcefulness and ‘grit’.

Workplace and personal stress is gnawing at the fabric of society. Survey after survey demonstrates that conventional treatments for stress management are challenged in providing a meaningful solution. What’s needed are more trained professionals to proactively address the human capacity to effectively manage stress at the Primary stage. Often the answer is seen to lie in expensive reactive or Tertiary stage care which requires time off work and rehabilitation. Some programs are reaching into the Secondary or ameliorative stage which can also involve costly workplace interventions.


Your Vision in Stress Management:
We can see the current environment requires a much-needed service in the rapidly emerging field of proactive stress management and building emotional resilience. Stress management and emotional resilience programs are in high demand in the business world and offer greater value and return on investment rather than workplace and ergonomic assessment alone. You will learn how to enhance your approach to caring for individuals with evidence based Best Practice approaches to proactively manage stress, be it personal or in the workplace. You learn to support stressed individuals and provide them with simple, sustainable, selfcare tools and strategies that work, and in turn people can become self-monitoring and the outcome is a long-term positive effect on their health and wellbeing and directly contributes to their increased productivity.


A Powerful Short Course in Stress Management:
Successful completion of the Stress to Strength System™ Advocate training will provide individuals with concise skills to add value to their current healthcare or coaching practice. The course is also designed for personnel in HR, OH & S and Wellness roles, and those in other positions in organisations who are the ‘go to’ people in stress management and emotional resilience. Once people are taught the Stress to Strength System™ it is life changing for them and the people around them. The program is professionally developed on evidence based science by the Stress Management Institute® which provides Government approved training.


Highly Practical to Serve a Wide Range of Individuals:
Stress has no boundaries and the tools and strategies that are taught meet the needs of a huge cross section of our stressed society. The skill set of each graduate allows for the immediate implementation to work with stressed individuals either one-on-one or in small groups. All materials are provided within the program fees and students receive the additional benefit of being part of SMI’s Emotional Resilience for Life Program. This is a 90-week email based tutorial program to followup and facilitate student success in building and maintaining new habits. Graduates will be a stablising force and influence as a ‘Stress Management Advocate’.


What’s Involved?
This five-unit concise short course can be undertaken in one of two modes…


In Class: This Monday to Friday program covers the five units of competency. During the training course students will be assessed practically covering the strategic tools needed for immediate use. There-after, students will graduate as an Advocate, with a Certificate in the Stress to Strength System™.


Online: Our special customised online learning platform allows the training to be undertaken over a period of three months from a student’s home or workplace. In this mode, the training is unassessed, and students will graduate as an Advocate (Unassessed). with a Certificate in the Stress to Strength System™. If a student wishes to receive an Assessed qualification, they may undertake an upgrading assessment process via an online video link with their assessor.

This program teaches students to develop a sound-level of skills to address the ‘stress question’ with fundamental skills. This proactive view is designed to prevent progression to expensive reactive and debilitating levels, and extend the beneficial services you provide to your clients or workforce.

The training in the Advocate in Stress to Strength System™ is aligned to two units of competency in the 10420NAT Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner and the Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator (Assessed), both of which are offered through the Stress Management Institute®.


Nominal Duration of the Course:
Short Course
In Class: 5 Days (35 hours)
Online: 3 Months (35 hours)

Course Structure: Total units of study: 5
• Unit 1 Science of stress and resilience
• Unit 2 Awareness of self, colleagues, clients & your environment
• Unit 3 Balance in the person, the workplace and life
• Unit 4 Certainty of the ability to move from stress to strength
• Unit 5 Doing; applying & integrating the tools and strategies

Graduates of the five units will receive a Certificate as an Advocate in the Stress to Strength System™.


This is an endorsement by the Stress Management Institute® that participants can advocate their knowledge, learning and understanding of the Stress to Strength SYSTEM™.
*Throughout the delivery, Facilitators will keep participants accountable to their learning, ensuring that each participant fully understands the Stress to Strength System™ to be able to advocate on SMI’s behalf. Online participants will still be required to answer simple questions at the completion of each unit to ensure they have participated in reading or watching the webinar content. However, for an additional fee, participants can participate in a one-on-one review to assess their knowledge of the material. The assessor can also provide a gap analysis report on what additional learning would be required to pass competency within the SMI’s
Certificate IV or Certificate units.

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