We are so pleased you have chosen to move from Stress to Strength!

You have found a simple, sustainable method of self-care.

Stress to Strength will help you take that first step “back from the cliff”, then have practical tools and strategies to use in any situation … easily.

You only need a few minutes each day.

And for each of the 7 steps you will see feedback from others who use these tools successfully.

Each is simple, it works, and it helps you get the best out of yourself NOW.

You will also have the ability to check your own progress if you want to – this will tell you which tools work best for you. Please see the “P.S.” section of this email for full instructions on how to Test and Measure.

Well done on making the right choice to put yourself in a safe place.

What next?

We suggest you take 3 days to complete each step. After 3 days working on a step, we suggest you start the next step. This will give you time to practice as you go. If you have any questions at all, please feel to ask for help from our Facebook community.

Get ready to build your own unique stress release toolkit and remember that, wherever you are, when you put the time in and follow the training, the tools work.

Enjoy living the calm.

With respect,

John and Judy Hinwood

P.S. Use these notes to Test and Measure each Step:

You are the only person who really knows how much a tool or strategy has benefited you.

Before practising the tool or strategy:

  1. Sit quietly for a moment, close your eyes, and imagine the event or circumstance that is causing your stress.
  2. Consider on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely low and 10 being extremely high, how much stress you are feeling about this.
  3. Write down the number
  4. Use the tool or strategy with high hopes.
  5. After using the tool or strategy, consider what level of stress you are now feeling? This will give you a personally accurate measurement of how much stress you have shifted.

Each single number you decrease is a 10% shift, if you moved from an 8 to a 4 for example, that is 4 units of reduction which is 40%. You may not eliminate the stress completely with one round of practise of the tool or strategy. Like any tool, it is effective when being used, so use as frequently as you need in order to take back control of your situation and move from stress to strength.

Note: Sometimes, in those moments of ‘stress storms’ you won’t have the inclination to measure how you are feeling before you apply the tool in that stressful moment. However, in your moments of practice and reflection, recall as best you can, how you felt before and after using the tool to keep a good record of your progress.