IMG_5795 (3) - Darilyn McMullen

Darilyn’s background is in education, where she taught horticulture to adults for many years. A love of nature combined with a lifelong interest in natural health, and a growing family led to studies in naturopathy and eventually to ….. managing stress.

Growing knowledge, life experience and a lot of conversations has led Darilyn to the belief that a calm state of mind is key to a happy life.

Through a very stressful time in her personal life, learning with John and Judy Hinwood smoothed the way and now, armed with loads of effective strategies, Darilyn’s aim is to share this wisdom …………..and to help others achieve lifetime goals.

Darilyn loves to work with people who are open to trying new techniques and are willing to follow through to achieve their purpose.

Her experience has been in the fields of FIFO lifestyle/family, students, and mature women.

Darilyn’s specialties include:
* Meditation

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