John Hinwood Stress to Strength

Dr John Hinwood is a global leader in stress management and emotional resilience.

John’s seasoned and perceptive approach allows him to draw from a formidable armory of proven stress management solutions.

This new approach of building emotional resilience is guaranteed to save you time, energy and money, so you can move to enjoy a heightened state of wellbeing.

You will be amazed how easy and practical the tools and strategies are and how you can apply them instantly so that your business, relationships and your life will be much easier and more rewarding. Your productivity will increase and you will enjoy a healthier bottom line. John is a great story-teller and he will teach you how to shift your stress using fun and laughter and he has an innate talent to touch, move and inspire others.

He creates a bridge to make proven scientific, evidence-based research and information easy to understand and use in your daily personal and business life.

John Hinwood Award Stress to Strength
John Hinwood Stress to Strength

John likes to work with people in Business, Executives, Senior Management and Senior HR Managers.

His professional experience has included International Speaking, Business Coaching, Vocational Training Development and co-founding the Stress to Strength®, the Stress Management Institute® and the Emotional Resilience Institute™.

* Health Practice Managers/Owners
* Workplace Culture & Wellbeing
* Communication
* Leadership
* Assertiveness

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