Judy Hinwood - Stress to Strength

Dr Judy Hinwood is a global leader in stress management.

She and her husband John have lived through stress and have learnt and developed teachings that work. Judy is now committed to teaching how to prevent and manage stress as it takes a ruinous toll on people’s lives and health. She teaches how to tap into resources that renew body, mind and spirit so you become more emotionally resilient.

You will be amazed how easy and practical the techniques are and how you can apply them instantly so that your business, relationships and your life will be much calmer, more rewarding and productive.

Participants are guided through the trainings using many evidence-based tools and strategies.

Judy thrives on working with people who are open and willing to use their mind and imagination to improve their lives, practices and businesses.

Judy Hinwood - Stress to Strength
Judy Hinwood - Stress to Strength

Her professional experience has included chiropractice practice, International Speaking, Business Coaching, Vocational Training Development and co-founding the Stress to Strength®, the Stress Management Institute® and the Emotional Resilience Institute™.

Judy’s specialties include:

* Health Practice Managers/Owners
* Workplace Culture & Wellbeing
* Communication
* Goal Setting
* Values Solicitation
* Meditation & Visualisation
* Self-sabotage solutions

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