Move from Stress to Strength in 7 Simple Steps

… if you feel as though you are burnout, over-stressed or even if you have “tried it all before”.

Stress is a common problem that affects all Australians, but what about when it becomes a little hard to handle? .

There is no need to ignore that “not quite right” feeling, let it overflow into other areas of our lives, influence our health, affect our work or performance, or find affect our relationship with others.

Most of us are too busy to attend appointments or invest in expensive one-on-one sessions. It is possible to become stress free by just investing a few minutes a day, implementing tools, and operating from a position of strength.

Get access to “Stress to Strength” – a short set of online tools and strategies that will help you bounce back to create or regain your life.

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Developed by Australian Drs. John and Judy Hinwood, global leaders in stress management and Fellows of the Australasian College of Chiropractors, Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia & New Zealand and American Institute of Stress, the program is developed by experienced health professionals.

7 Video Lessons

In 7 video lessons, Drs John & Judy Hinwood demonstrate very simple tools and strategies to take out stress.

Practical Exercises

Each of the 7 simple steps includes hints and practical ways to use the tool or strategy in your daily life.

Test and Measure

Evaluate the difference in how well you manage stress with each of the 7 steps.



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Stress to Strength provided me with some effective tools and strategies that I use for managing my stress … I came away feeling more in control of my responses to stress. Thanks to John & Judy.” – Dr Stuart Williams


First responders

Get tools to deal with the immediate situation, then build skills for the long term, even when your career requires you to be “always on”.

Business owners and employees

Workplace stress is a major contributor to stress in other areas of life. Learn how to take control of your situation.


With workloads increasing and situations becoming less predictable, you need practical tools and strategies to take out stress.


Dealing with overwhelm? Learn simple ways you can live stress-less even when your days feel demanding or you feel you’re never “good enough” as a parent.


Learn how stress paralyses you and prevents you from finding a solution … and then learn how to move to operating from a position of strength!



Learn how to stop and breathe, so that you can take the next step.


Release pressure now

There’s one thing to master here, and we’ll help you do that within minutes.


“Relax – it’s going to be OK”

Learn how to shrink that stress so that it no longer overwhelms you.


Restore your power

Find out how a “garbage truck” helps you restore your power!


Take control

In this step you’ll learn how to use a cylinder to take control of your situation.


Your backup system

Discover the value of having a back-up system that works for any occasion.


Step into calm

This is where a “cloud” comes in useful.



Master the “Supertool” to reinforce your new-found skills.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My logical business brain would ordinarily dispel this type of content, however, the logical brain measures outcomes and the course delivers plenty. The tools gained are powerful and extremely useful.” – Julia Krawitz

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “John and Judy are fantastic at breaking down stress management into simple practical steps which provide you with evidence-based tools and strategies … that work.” – Matt Hoskins


  • Stepped a metre “back from the cliff” so that you can put attention to the tools to manage in future
  • Possess simple, practical tools and strategies that you can use every day, in any situation … easily
  • Power and control to direct your decisions and actions, rather than feeling as though others are in charge
  • The ability to control your response to any situation
  • The ability to live with a sense of calm, no matter what comes your way.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Many topics resonated with me throughout the course and there were a number of excellent take-aways. The worthwhile toolkit we each created I look forward to putting into use.” – Andre Jacques


Dr John Hinwood a former practising chiropractor is a force of nature kind of fellow. His presence changes a room or gathering and his thoughts change lives. John is one of those rare souls in whom the message and the messenger become one in the same. His message is always simple, yet profound.
Dr Judy Hinwood, also a former practising chiropractor, is insightful and thorough and will not allow you to get away with using less than the magnificent potential she sees in you. Working with Judy is life-changing and she will take you to levels you never thought possible.

Doctors Judy & John Hinwood with Michael Massey, Global Director of Wellness, Absolute World Group, Phuket, Thailand

As global leaders in stress management, John and Judy are committed to sharing how to embrace stress as it takes a shocking toll on people’s lives, businesses and health. Learn from this very talented and highly experienced couple how to tap into energy resources that renew the body, mind and spirit to relieve the effects of damaging stress.

John and Judy Hinwood began practicing as chiropractors in the late 1970s. Since 2012 they have dedicated their time to teaching natural stress management techniques that really work. They will lead you out of stress and into clear calm using simple, sustainable and natural self-care tools and strategies. You will be amazed how easy and practical their techniques are and how you can apply them instantly so that your business, relationships and your life will be much easier and more rewarding.

They are Fellows of the American Institute of Stress, John is a Fellow and Judy an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia & New Zealand, and they are Fellow and Member of the Australasian College of Chiropractors. John is a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors. They have received humanitarian awards in Australia and the United States, and many other distinguished awards. They have published papers in academic journals.

They are now totally focused on their passion as Stress Management Practitioners, speaking and teaching audiences around the world.

Their presentations focus on providing mastery over stress, and supporting each person to move into clear calm. Individuals learn simple, natural, sustainable, self-care strategies and highly practical, evidence-based emotional resilience techniques that will enable them to be more effective in their personal life and in the workplace.

The processes they share are easily understood, enthusiastically adopted, readily called upon, and are proven to give back control in people’s lives. Participants learn to develop ‘grit’ and how to ‘bounce back’ to become more agile!

They lift you out of states of stress, discouragement, fear and overwhelm into a state of mental and emotional toughness which enables greater productivity and wellbeing.

John and Judy are authors and have published seven sought-after books for health care practitioners and eight books on mindset, with four of these books having been on the Amazon ‘Best Sellers’ list.

Their experience as health professionals by training, astonished parents of three adopted older Chilean children, sharing Judy’s journey as a cancer survivor for over 30 years, and as inspirational authors, mentors and coaches, have given them an awesome array of tools for success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to use effective tools and strategies to move from Stress to Strength.