In 1974 as a Freshman at chiropractic college in Canada the eminent stress scientist Dr Hans Selye had flown from the Université de Montréal to deliver a guest lecturer to our entire student body in Toronto on his just published seminal work… STRESS WITHOUT DISTRESS.

I was blown away when the animated Dr Selye opened his fascinating presentation with these two statements…

“Stress… ya gotta have it!” & “If you don’t have stress you die, and if you have too much stress for a prolonged period of time, you die!”

Here I was, half way through my first of four years studying a scientifically evidence-based healthcare education program and this ‘wacko’ Hungarian scientist is making what appeared to be outlandish statements.

Hans Selye then went on to deliver a fascinating presentation that day that had those in the room enthralled.

He was a master of explaining complicated physiology and he especially focused on the role of cortisol as being both a villain and a saviour.

Recently I came across this diagram below from an unknown author that explains exactly what Selye was talking about that day.

You are the Captain of your health care ship and your destiny around your wellbeing is under your control.

Make stress your friend and use it to support your wellbeing.


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