For some people, the lead up to Christmas takes them to their memory bank which can be over-flowing with memories of previous highly stressful Christmas Days.The ones that have been a disaster fill the front row seats in their mind. Anticipation of their traditional family Christmas can be stressful initially in the planning processes and the daysleading up to the big event.

Those who suffer from anticipation stress usually start to visualize stress as the days get closer to December 25th. With each passing day their feeling of stress gets bigger and bigger.

As we are genetically programmed to see things in the negative, we really need to work over time to create five times more positive thoughts about the joys that Christmas will be for us personally and our family.


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How to Handle Stress – 6 LAWS OF THE MIND – Dr Judy Hinwood

A few years ago, I gave a woman who was doing some consulting work for me, a copy of my best-selling book, You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book to Change Your Life.

After Christmas that year the woman sent me a wonderful email which stated…

“Hey, wait a minute, why don’t I expect a miracle instead of a disaster. This thought alone released me for about a week in anticipation of Christmas from this expectation of disaster from imagining my family coming together and really enjoying each other’s company.

I started to really picture us communicating and just being relaxed together. And that motivated me to send out an email to my family members to start to plan Christmas instead of waiting for the inevitable lack of organisation to stress us all out.

I can’t say the email changed a whole lot in terms of how Christmas did evolve that year, but it certainly gave me some relief in the time leading up to Christmas and it gave me a sense of we really do create our own futures. So, if I was anticipating stress, it was going to be stressful. If I was going to anticipate a wonderful time together, that was going to happen.

It was such a simple concept and I was very appreciative of it. It is something that needs continual focus for it to work … a very good experience.”

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