Very Insightful and Inspiring…

“We were proud to host John and Judy at the Logan Startup Hub. Their presentation on general and workplace stress management and emotional resilience was very insightful and inspiring. The attendees learned many valuable insights and practical tools in which they can use in everyday life. The attendees feedback was also very positive. The team at Logan Startup Hub would like to sincerely thank John and Judy for their time.”

Brad Apps, Brisbane, Qld, Australia


The Worthwhile Toolkit We Each Created…

“This was a very relevant training course on becoming more effective with handling stress in the workplace. Many topics resonated with me throughout the course and there were a number of excellent take-aways. The worthwhile toolkit we each created I look forward to putting into use.”

Andre Jacques, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Langham Hotel, Melbourne, Australia



You Will be Astounded by Your Own Progress…

“The Stress to Strength Experience not only provides multiple tools to manage stress, it provides you countless opportunities to implement and practice those tools with the guidance and help of qualified Stress Management Practitioners. What sets this apart is the phenomenal (and measurable) improvements we all made in such a short time. You’ll have the opportunity to gauge your current state of stress, well-being and where you are at in life. After putting the tools to use, you get the opportunity to measure your progress. I guarantee you, you will be astounded by your own progress. Every one of us made practical and pragmatic gains we would not have believed unless we saw the results with our own eyes. To experience so many cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes in such a short space of time defies logic, but I could feel the immediate difference, it was real, and I had measured results to confirm it. But, please don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself. It will change how you experience stress, and how you experience life.”

Joshua Knight, Brisbane, Qld, Australia



Amazing Techniques For Stress Reduction…

“The Stress to Strength program not only offers amazing techniques for stress reduction, but more than that, John and Judy Hinwood guide students through a simple, focused and highly effective experiential adventure to expand how we live, how we laugh, and how we can add value in our world.”

Vikki Kelly, Auckland, New Zealand


I was moved to take immediate action to become happier and healthier…

“I was extremely fortunate to spend several days with Dr. John Hinwood during his recent trip to San Francisco, learning and soaking up all he has to offer about living an extraordinary life. One of the things that impressed me the most was his presentation ‘Stress Undressed’. He truly inspired us to live a life without fear, to change our stinking thinking and to grasp hold of life with tangible and practical advice to live to our fullest potential. I was moved to take immediate action to become happier and healthier. You will too.”

Brian Flannery, DC, DPhCS, MBA,
Chair of Philosophy, Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, California, USA



It was a fantastic 2.5 hours…

“I recently attended a Continuing Professional Development seminar put on by Drs John and Judy Hinwood called , ‘The Foundations of Building Emotional Resilience’, at the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, Queensland Annual General Meeting in Brisbane. It was a fantastic 2.5 hours, short and to the point seminar packed full of incredibly useful evidence based practical tools and strategies for managing stress and refocusing your mind. Some of the techniques I had seen before and were a good reminder, and some were new and innovative.

Dr Michael Troy, Chiropractor, Brisbane, Qld, Australia



This Course is of Profound Benefit in Letting Go…

“I’ve done many courses on personal development over a 30year period and as an allied health and wellness practitioner I continue to work on unpacking the blocks and limits from my past.
In saying that, I found this course of profound benefit in letting go of some limiting beliefs and unconscious mind programs. Added to this, I found the ability to eliminate the stress associated with these.
I highly recommend the Stress to Strength Experience to anyone – no matter how much personal development undertaken already and no matter what your vocation. I especially recommend it to other health and wellness practitioners.”

Debra Redman
Waves of Change, Cabarita Beach, NSW, Australia

I whole heartedly recommend taking part in this course…

“First, I want to thank you for inviting me to participate in the BERT program back in May.
As you know I had registered for this course a couple of times before, but something always came up to stop me from attending.

Stress has been a major issue in my life from a young child. I would stress about every little thing. I have always been known as the worrier and I can tell you I have lived up in that mindset many years until attending the workshop in May.

I have heard about you can retrain your brain to think positive and have a big impact on your life. Would this work for me? Doubtful but I went along.

I had a great weekend working with John and Judy and the other attendees.

It was a very safe place as ‘things’ came up that needed to be addressed.

During the two-day course we were taught about how powerful our brains are and how pliable They are. We were given many ways that we can retrain our brains that have a powerful effect on our stress levels and how these practices can have an enormous impact on our lives.

Having arrived on the first day as a person with many stresses affecting my thoughts and my life, I walked away from the last session as someone who could see that taking the actions that John and Judy taught us could and would have a profound affect on my life.

And just to top of a great weekend I was the winner of 4 coaching sessions with John and Judy.
Life changing, and affirming is an understatement! After 4 weeks of taking action and putting my favourite tools and learnings into action I have a different outlook on life. And the one to one session I have had with John has been extraordinary. Training my brain hasn’t been as hard as I imagined, and it is the best action I have taken for myself in a very long time. I no longer worry and stress about every little detail. When something comes along that could slam me on my back I now have the tools to combat those negative and stressful times and come out smiling at the other end.

I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to attend this course with John and Judy.
I whole heartedly recommend taking part in this course. It could be the best two days your life. You will come away with clarity and a box full of tools that will help you live a calm and less stressful life. ”

Deb Purkiss
Russell Island, QLD, Australia



The Logical Brain Measures Outcomes

“The Stress to Strength training has not only provided me with tools to deal with stress but has supported the development of an impenetrable positive mindset! My logical business brain would ordinarily dispel this type of content, however, the logical brain measures outcomes and the course delivers plenty. The tools gained are powerful and extremely useful.

John and Judy’s philosophy is based on the power of language and visualisation – the underpinnings of change and learning organisations – which are present in all transactions, and begin with each individual through the power of the mind and through our thoughts. Tapping into mind or brain pathways makes for the opportunity of powerful outcomes. I would recommend their program on numerous levels to achieve many individual and business goals.”

Julia Krawitz, Training Manager, Queensland, Police-Citizens Youth Clubs




I was moved to take immediate action to become happier and healthier

“John and Judy Hinwood with great expertise and finesse led us on an adventure through our own stress experience and out into a realistic optimistic and accepting state. Through a set of eloquent tools and strategies and with great compassion, understanding and respect for every member of the group, Judy, John and their support team guided us in learning how to dissolve the stress and move to completely different states where we were solid, free of the weight from the past, appreciative of what we actually had and open to new things happening in our lives. The title ‘Stress to Strength Experience’ really fits what is was like to be on this workshop! And the ending- WOW, that is worth the wait! I can’t STRESS this enough-do yourself a favour- Attend this workshop.”

Mark Pitcher, Clinical Psychologist, Brisbane, Qld, Australia



Stress is Good – When it is Managed!

“Drs John and Judy Hinwood are well-placed to provide primary intervention in stress management to reduce the demand for expensive tertiary ‘repair’ by providing highly-crafted learning at the primary and secondary stages. The underlying concept is that when a person is provided with tools to understand and manage the stressors in their environment, then not only will their health and productivity increase, but it will be followed by significant reduction in the need for repair services. It is fair to conclude I am impressed. After experiencing the weekend training, I would have no hesitation, were I still active in chiropractic practice as opposed to now being retired, to follow this pathway and add a huge amount of richness to my skills base”

Professor Phillip Ebrall, PhD, Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia


It Was Practical and Useful……

“Thank you for the seminar, it was practical and useful. The strategies were easily adapted for ourselves and to pass to our students. I love the food and drink strength tests… kids would respond to these so well! More fresh food now! Well done, thank you.”

Janette Raabe, Steiner Teacher, Melbourne, Australia



I Was Really Interested in the Power of Words…

“I found the workshop session practical and inspiring to research the concepts further. The short animated TED talk video on stress gave such a simple way to understand the physiological effects of stress and how I can change that in my own body. I was really interested in the power of words and the energy they create. I’m really motivated now to see how I can apply the tools and strategies offered to my own life. Thank you.”

Belinda Nechwatal, Teacher, Melbourne, Australia



Highly Relevant Tools and Strategies…

“The two hour workshop from the Stress Management Institute at The Education Show in Melbourne was what I wanted it to be and more. A great presentation with highly relevant tools and strategies. Definitely worthwhile.”

Olivia Migani, Teacher, Melbourne, Australia



Feeling like anything is possible…

“Dr. John Hinwood’s presentation on Stress Undressed in San Francisco was insightful, entertaining, and engaging. He has that personality that draws his audience in and captures their souls, leaving them feeling like anything is possible. Thank you Dr. Hinwood for all that you do for Chiropractic.”

Dr. Timothy J. Gay
Executive VP, Health Center, Hayward, California, USA


Unleash abundant energy and balance your personal life…

“Genius is made, not born – regardles of what you do within your organisation and the current circumstances of your life, the single most important fact is that only you have the power to show leadership where you are planted, and play at peak in all that you do. Dr John Hinwood is one of those individuals who has tapped into the unlimited potential we all have for learning and creativity – moreover, he will help empower you with the certainty, clarity and conviction to defeat the stresses in your life, build an unbeatable mindset, unleash abundant energy, and balance your personal life.”

Ross McDonald, DC,
President of the Scottish Chiropractic Association,

Founder, The Edinburgh Lectures



I need to be pushed to achieve the outcomes I desire…

“I recently wrote an article on how to find a great coach and John Hinwood matched all of the key points about which I wrote. He is a strategic thinker and has a lifetime of experiences to bring to those he coaches. His systematic approach creates confidence and security. His empathetic style ensures that everyone likes John. In over 20 years of knowing him, I have never met anyone who doesn’t like John.

He has the courage to push for what he believes is just and never stops short of achieving every goal he sets. He is a living walking example of ‘living an exemplary life’ to those he coaches.

I have worked with John as my personal and business coach over the past few years … time flies when you are having fun. He is prepared to push me as hard as I need to be pushed to achieve the outcomes I desire … for my own benefit.

I revere my relationship with John and recommend him to everyone who seeks to create miracles in their lives.”

Anthony Davis, Brisbane, Qld, Australia