Increase Your Gratitude, Lower Your Stress

Last weekend was another magical two days we spent with a diverse group of people at our Build Emotional Resilience Training.

One of the simple things we can all do to create a stress less life is to continually work on developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Contemplating what you’re grateful for reduces cortisol by 23% according to a study published at the University of California, Davis. Researchers found that those who cultivated an ‘attitude of gratitude’ had improved mood, energy… Continue reading

Bringing Calm to Christmas

Don’t let stress control you this Christmas/New Year holiday season. Use these proven self-help tools and strategies we will share with you to lessen stress and bring calm into your Christmas Festive season.

Don’t be put off when a friend tells you or you hear on a radio talk show that the highest death rates are on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Why is this you may ask?

The most common causes of a stress spike at… Continue reading

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