Burn Out

The Power of “No”

I was reading a review of a new book due out in January by Bella Zanesco’s, Smart Girls Screw Up Too — The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want.

In 2013, Bella Zanesco was climbing the career ladder three steps at a time. She was a successful business executive heading up strategy, transformation and innovation for large corporations in London, New York, Asia and Australia. She was responsible for delivering over US$5 billion to Fortune 500 companies.… Continue reading

The Stress-Hydration Equation

You may weaken your adrenal glands and dehydrate your body if you experience high levels of stress on a regular basis.Dehydration can be a sign of adrenal fatigue.

Just drinking more water is not the answer for keeping your body well-hydrated.

Lesley Una Pierce, Director of The Nutritional Healing Foundation and her book,‘The Life-Saver’s Guide to Water – The Elixir of Life’ says, “In a nutshell, STRESS is the most dehydrating thing of all. Our cells will be… Continue reading

Corporate ‘Burn Out’… the ‘Working Wounded’

Four weeks ago on Friday September 18 the ABC PM Program aired an interesting segment on corporate ‘burn out’.

“There’s evidence to suggest that close to half of the corporate workers in Australia score highly on questions related to tiredness and fatigue. As many as a quarter exhibit symptoms of stress”, the reporter stated.

“It’s known as corporate burnout.”

Stewart Taylor the Managing Director of the Resilience Institute reported… “that over a third of workers in this segment were regularly… Continue reading

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