Live the Calm…

In March of this year the Stress Management Institute was engaged to participate at the Myriad Festival in Brisbane. A world class line up of speakers and entertainment, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, tech-lovers, and innovators filled the Brisbane Powerhouse with ideas and innovation for two and a half days.

Our Logan and Redlands Regional stand represented 10 totally different businesses and the activity in the trade area was hectic. To add to the excitement, the second day was scheduled to… Continue reading

Is Living the Calm a Possibility?

For the past two and a half days I have been attending the sold out Myriad Showcase in Brisbane. The experience was designed by some of the minds behind SXSW, SLUSH and PAUSE and the events mission is to unlock the infinite cultural and economic value across Asia-Pacific.

Myriad invites entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, tech-lovers and innovators to attend, be inspired, collaborate and connect the dots to unlock success and growth for themselves and the wider Australian ecosystem.

There were… Continue reading

Bringing Calm to Christmas

Don’t let stress control you this Christmas/New Year holiday season. Use these proven self-help tools and strategies we will share with you to lessen stress and bring calm into your Christmas Festive season.

Don’t be put off when a friend tells you or you hear on a radio talk show that the highest death rates are on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Why is this you may ask?

The most common causes of a stress spike at… Continue reading

The Joy of “Forest Bathing”

As a way of de-stressing, many people feel an intrinsic call to spend time in nature, and this makes good sense. Our brain and body are in the main hard-wired to connect with the laws of nature. The changing of the seasons, the rise and setting of the sun are natural processes that our DNA is programmed to respond to, not with the 24/7 hectic work schedules many people in today’s world live by.

A walk in the forest or… Continue reading

Chaos or Calm

A common thread our private clients report, our students often comment on that their volunteer clients struggle with, and similar comments come from business audiences, is… too much work creates stress and not getting it done quickly enough creates even more stress.

If life feels like that to you then you could be headed towards ‘burnout’.

One-third of employees say ‘burnout’ was a reason for them to take sick leave. It topped the list of reasons to take a sick… Continue reading

Three Easy Ways to De-Stress

Researchers report that simple things can be a huge support in creating a pathway to move you from stress into the calm in a very short space of time.

Watching Fish Swimming

Installing a screen saver where fish, turtles and other sea creatures are cruising around in a tank can reduce blood pressure and reduce stress according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Fish swimming have also been shown to calm children with ADHD and reduce erratic behaviour in… Continue reading

Are You Stressed at the Start of Your Day?

A good friend from Canada Dr Tom Preston sent me his weekly newsletter last night on the topic of taking control of procrastination in your life. He started his article by stating…

“It’s so easy to sleep with a smartphone next to my bed.  I can set 5 alarms to go off anytime between 4AM and 6AM just in case my body really feels like it needs more rest. Ever said that to yourself?

If I don’t feel like… Continue reading

You CAN Just Switch Off!

Have you ever felt that you just had to Switch Off now? That if you didn’t, your vulnerability to stress could just take you out of the game of life and you would have no answer to your situation.

The pace of life now days is unrelenting, and we can easily feel we are continually on the go with everyone around us expecting instant answers and instant solutions. Overwhelm is becoming a major health problem and causing an alarming increase… Continue reading

Have you had a ‘Million Dollar Day’?

I cut myself a caper
When I opened up the paper
Cuz the headlines seemed to smile and shout a wild hooray!
No depressing stories
Nothing crazy, nothing gory
And I knew the world could love me on a million dollar day.

What is your definition of the ‘perfect day’? And have you ever had a day (or perhaps more than one) that was just so wonderful, so incredible, it left you glowing for weeks or even months afterwards?

I… Continue reading

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