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Either You Run the Day, Or the Day Runs You

In 1981 I first heard master mindset communicator E. James Rohn speak at a conference in Brisbane where he stated … “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

We all know that we seem to have busy minds, and often in unexpected ways our thoughts distract us from handling things in the moment. Unless we constantly monitor and oversee our mindset behaviour, we can create a state of chronic stress in our life.

Have you ever tried… Continue reading

Chronic Stress Does Spread Cancer

“The most promising approach to the control of CANCER
is a national commitment to prevention.”

New England Journal of Medicine- 1997

In a recent study published in March 2016 in Nature Communications a research team found that chronic stress induces signalling from the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and drives cancer progression, although the pathways of tumour cell dissemination are unclear. However, chronic stress restructures lymphatic networks within and around tumours to provide pathways for tumour cell escape.

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Body Breakdown Due to Stress… A Map

Recently I came across this diagram by Jacob Devaney in an article discussing how muscles in our body, especially the Psoas muscle, also known as the “muscle of the soul” lock up chronically as the result of long term stress in our lives.

The Psoas muscle was one of the Common Muscle Storage Points I referred to in my last blog and you will see it marked in the front on view of the body in the lower abdominal… Continue reading

Confrontation is a Necessary Conversation

The word ‘confront’ brings up many connotations of threat for some of us and it is very common for people to not want to hear or see this word. Many people become stressed because they are living in what has been called the “confrontational box”.

Most of us want to be ‘liked’, and in achieving this end we don’t tell others around us what we need and we often tell those around us what we think they want to… Continue reading

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