Who Knew… Men Knitting and De-Stressing?

Men were the key participants who once populated the medieval knitting guilds of Europe, and men are once again picking up the needles.

Last Sunday morning in Brisbane the Stress Management Institute® hosted their graduation for Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner and Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator students. A Skype video link was also used to connect with student’s interstate.

So, where does Men Knitting and De-Stressing fit into a graduation ceremony?

This Weeks Video…

Healing Guided Meditation –… Continue reading

A Need for Soft Healing

A landmark Editorial on 1 September 2015 in the British Medical Journal, titled, ‘Learning from Soft Power… A need for soft healing in the 21st century’, a new understanding of healing focus was expressed. The authors were from the School of Nutrition Science at Boston’s Tuffs University and the Yale Law School.

The Editorial goes on to explain that the modern approach to health emphasises “hard healing” – the reactive, individualised treatment of risk factors and diseases. Whereas “soft… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day … Testing Emotional Resilience

I trust you had a special Valentine’s Day that was filled with love and joy and you have some fond memories to treasure.

At 5pm on Tuesday I had an appointment at the Optometrist in a large local Shopping Mall. On leaving the office my mobile became the number for incoming callers.

As I pulled up in the Mall parking lot at 4.50pm my phone rang and the caller was Lesley. She was inquiring about enrolling in our Certificate IV… Continue reading

Laughter Therapy to De-Stress

Stress – people often ask, what works to de-stress and what doesn’t? We can give people a toolkit to help them deal with stress, including positive imaging, meditations, breathing exercises, specific tools and strategies to meet their personal needs,laughter therapy and many others. These tools and strategies can have a beneficial effect of de-stressing you personally, supporting your immune system and raising levels of ‘happy hormones’ in your body.

The emotional and physical side of personal stress management is a… Continue reading

The Power of Sleep

For many years’ I slept for four hours a night because my view of sleep was that it was a wasteful activity. Sleeping toolong was something that robbed me of time and made my days shorter. I had so much to do and I have always been extremely passionate about my work.

My underlying thought was I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I pass on from this world. And, I have never experienced a poor night’s sleep. I… Continue reading

The 60 Second De-Stress Workout

Recently I read an excellent e-book by neuroscientist Mark Waldman PhD on 10 Mind Blowing Discoveries About the Human Brain. Waldman emphasises… “our thoughts, indeed, even a single word – have the power to change the structure and functioning of many other parts of the brain.”

A key point from the book that we can all easily put into place in our busy lifestyles the practice of a 5:1“Positivity Ratio”if you want to build optimism and create resilience to… Continue reading

The Joy of “Forest Bathing”

As a way of de-stressing, many people feel an intrinsic call to spend time in nature, and this makes good sense. Our brain and body are in the main hard-wired to connect with the laws of nature. The changing of the seasons, the rise and setting of the sun are natural processes that our DNA is programmed to respond to, not with the 24/7 hectic work schedules many people in today’s world live by.

A walk in the forest or… Continue reading

The Wattle Walk

September 1st is Wattle Day in Australia and it ushers in the arrival of spring. In the sub-tropical state of Queensland where we live, it comes earlier. Wattle is a shade tree and our nations national floral emblem.

Wattle, an Acacia comes in over 1,000 varieties with early blooming to late blooming trees and can be loaded with bright yellow flowers, which can have a very strong perfume. The thin branches can eventually bend and touch the ground under… Continue reading

The Danger of Subliminal Stress

Last September one of our regular blog readers, experienced caregiver Mel Younger shared with us proven techniques that can serve you to de-stress your life if you find yourself in the role of being a caregiver.

Mel once again shares with us why it is so important to involve yourself in the treatment of family members who are struggling with addiction.

Few things are as stressful as watching a family member struggling with addiction. Substance abuse can tear a family… Continue reading

Eustress and Pokémon Go

Wow… what a wonder week for Pokémon Go players in so many places around the world.

Last week I reported that my quiet evening walk at dusk around our local lake saw the car parks full and mobs of normally ‘stay at homes’ out and about in the winter fresh air chasing Pokémon. I was stunned that I counted 152 individual players as I circumnavigated the lake.

As the Glenn Frey song goes‘the heat is on’. Tonight’s… Continue reading

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