Five Easy Ways to Enhance Emotional Resilience

Here you go… these activities are so easy to do, and the side effect is de-stress as you engage in pleasurable things, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Enhancing your emotional resilience can be life changing. It changes your body chemistry, so you reduce the production of excess toxic cortisol and replace this hormone with a flow of happy hormones which are life enhancing, instead of being life depleting.

  1. Sniff your coffee… the aroma can lower stress hormones. The smell of… Continue reading

De-Stressing the Work Environment

This past week I have been researching the key elements that low stress workplaces exhibit, and how easy it is for workplace leaders to put often simple strategies into place, to enhance their environment and increase the company’s return on investment.

In one study, researchers at Microsoft were surprised to find workers who were putting in 16 hour days suffered no ill-effects. The researchers concluded that what made the difference for these Microsoft employees was control. Even though they often… Continue reading

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