Obsessed With Social Media

Last week the Data Team at the Economist released a very interesting article titled…‘How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness’.

Youngsters report problems with anxiety, depression, sleep and “FoMO”.

Roughly a quarter of British adults have been diagnosed at some point with a psychiatric disorder, costing the economy an estimated 4.5% of GDP per year. Such illnesses have many causes, but a growing body of research demonstrates that in young people they are linked with heavy… Continue reading

Increase Your Gratitude, Lower Your Stress

Last weekend was another magical two days we spent with a diverse group of people at our Build Emotional Resilience Training.

One of the simple things we can all do to create a stress less life is to continually work on developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Contemplating what you’re grateful for reduces cortisol by 23% according to a study published at the University of California, Davis. Researchers found that those who cultivated an ‘attitude of gratitude’ had improved mood, energy… Continue reading

Who is Responsible for Mental Health in the Workplace?

An old practice that is still active in some quarters of the market place is, “work it till it breaks”. When you ask the person in senior management who has made the statement who or what are they referring to, they answer, “it doesn’t matter, staff or machinery”

With depression and anxiety now the leading cause of long-term illness-related absence in the developed world, it’s vital for leaders – under work health and safety laws – to do whatever is… Continue reading

The Sound Sleep System

Sleep deprivation is such a common condition now in society you may not even realize you suffer from it. Science has now recognized that a sleep deficit can have serious and far reaching effects on your entire health and well being.

Researchers agree that six to eight hours per night appears to be the optimal amount of sleep for most adults, and too little or too much can have adverse effects on your health.

Poor sleep can increase stress-related disorders.… Continue reading

Laughter Therapy to De-Stress

Stress – people often ask, what works to de-stress and what doesn’t? We can give people a toolkit to help them deal with stress, including positive imaging, meditations, breathing exercises, specific tools and strategies to meet their personal needs,laughter therapy and many others. These tools and strategies can have a beneficial effect of de-stressing you personally, supporting your immune system and raising levels of ‘happy hormones’ in your body.

The emotional and physical side of personal stress management is a… Continue reading

Cast a Stone Upon the Water

Offload what’s holding you back

At the time of the Jewish New Year, there is a tradition called Tashlikh where either bread or stones are cast upon running water to symbolise the casting away of all a person’s sins or wrongs. These stones represent wrongs done to them by others as well as errors and hurts they have caused themselves. As the water carries these items away, their troubles are also supposed to leave them so the New Year can… Continue reading

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