The Rugby World Champions Are Using Mindfulness

The mighty world Rugby Champions, the New Zealand All Blacks are in a class of their own, way out in front of the nation in second place.

The All Blacks are an amazing example of playing the game with constant attention to the absolute basics, which they execute with text book precision game after game, after game.

This team of consummate professionals have a strong focus on engaging their mental skills also, so that they can nail the key moments… Continue reading

Enough is Enough

From time to time in our lives we can become so enthralled with the doing, that the being somehow disappears. Maybe this has happened to you also at sometime in your life when you were on a pathway moving forward at speed with no deviation.

In 1997 our coaching, mentoring and consulting business was growing in leaps in and bounds. We started our private client business in Brisbane in 1991 and there we were, six years on,with clients in seven… Continue reading

Are Your Kids ‘Slow Cooking’ Their Brains?

Kids and parks have always been for me synonymous with a place for playing, running, physical activities and letting off steam. In the image above I’m glad that there are two young boys who share my thoughts.

In a recent article in Psychology Today Victoria L Dunckley MD reports some alarming findings … Gray Matter: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain.

Dunckley states… “But what about kids who aren’t ‘addicted’ per se? Addiction aside, a much broader concern… Continue reading

Corporate ‘Burn Out’… the ‘Working Wounded’

Four weeks ago on Friday September 18 the ABC PM Program aired an interesting segment on corporate ‘burn out’.

“There’s evidence to suggest that close to half of the corporate workers in Australia score highly on questions related to tiredness and fatigue. As many as a quarter exhibit symptoms of stress”, the reporter stated.

“It’s known as corporate burnout.”

Stewart Taylor the Managing Director of the Resilience Institute reported… “that over a third of workers in this segment were regularly… Continue reading

The Stress of Trawling Through Emails

With the pace of life and the expectations of others in the work place, over stress and sometimes distress are now common place around email communication.

The Radicati Group who are a technology market research firm operating in the US and the UK report that in 2014 there were 4.1 billion email accounts and 2.5 billion users, both business and personal around the planet. The majority of email traffic comes from the business world which accounts for over 108.7 billion… Continue reading

Is Bedtime a Time of Stress and Frustration?

Recently a woman I met shared with me that her sixteen year old daughter was often distressed and was falling asleep in class. The mother then discovered that her daughter was receiving over 400 texts per day and night and was now spending most of her sleeping hours from 10pm to 4am answering texts from other girls while lying in bed.

Then, at a conference I was attending two women who had run an adult dating agency shared that they… Continue reading

Hey John…is this called Kal-ooy-ah?

We had been speaking and holidaying in the US initially, and finished up in London in time for the Royal wedding at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, on Wednesday, 29th July, when Charles and Diana set the world alight with pomp and ceremony.

On boarding our homeward bound flight at Heathrow Airport, we were seated three across in the economy cabin. We had the aisle and middle seats. The gentleman in the window seat immediately rose to his feet and introduced… Continue reading

Everything is Energy

On the morning January 12, 1991, I was diving on the wreck of JM A9-322, a World War Two Bristol Beaufort bomber that had crashed into the sea on Christmas Eve in 1943. The plane was on a training run with four crew members, seven nautical miles east of Bundaberg on the Central Queensland coast, at the southern tip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Fortunately, all four crew members were rescued.

Years later, a plaque was placed on the plane… Continue reading

Confrontation is a Necessary Conversation

The word ‘confront’ brings up many connotations of threat for some of us and it is very common for people to not want to hear or see this word. Many people become stressed because they are living in what has been called the “confrontational box”.

Most of us want to be ‘liked’, and in achieving this end we don’t tell others around us what we need and we often tell those around us what we think they want to… Continue reading

Drainos … The Stress Vampires

You are experiencing a beautiful day, everything is flowing, the people you are touching base with are a joy to be with, the birds are chirping, it’s warm, a gentle breeze is blowing, you’re not feeling stressed in any way.

Then wham!

You are introduced to someone who you feel is draining and sapping your energy from the moment you come in contact with them. You excuse yourself and move away. You feel over stressed even when you hear their… Continue reading

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