What is your personal pressure release valve?

There is no doubt about it – living in the ‘modern’ world has its benefits. For one thing, as a woman, I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to wash my family’s clothes in a copper over a fire, use an outhouse instead of a toilet or always cook everything from scratch. All of us can no doubt appreciate how good it is to be able to access the Internet any time and to get a virtually instant response… Continue reading

A Fragrant Solution to Stress

The ultimate treat; an affordable luxury; one of the best ways I know of to relax.

What is this miraculous therapy? Nothing more than a nice, hot bath.

When life gets stressful, peace is no further than the bathtub.

In our house, showers are for washing away dirt from our bodies but baths are for washing away stress from our minds and our souls.

Bath time recipe

A good stress bath starts with scented candles or a diffuser, just to… Continue reading

Life-A-Thon – Getting Off of the Rat Race

There have been times when life has made me feel very much like a gerbil (I really don’t like rats – even as a mental image) on an enormous wheel – never able to stop or even slow down for fear of being thrown off. Perhaps you can relate?
As we started to discuss in the previous blog post, What is Your Personal Pressure Release Valve?, the modern world has given us many blessings but those benefits seem to… Continue reading
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