Putting Resilience Interventions to the Test

I recently read a very lengthy fascinating article on how science in the Middle East is being used to document teens stress levels using hair analysis. Here is my summary.

In 2015 more than 800 teenage boys and girls in northern Jordan each allowed 100 strands of hair to be snipped from their heads. Half the teens were Syrian refugees, the other half Jordanians living in the area.

The study was carried out by molecular biologist Rana Dajani from the… Continue reading

Sympathy, Empathy and Stress

When a person is stressed, they may go and seek out another person of like mind who will show them sympathy. This path is not a healthy one as it may prolong the stressed state the individual is in, and also enrol their sympathiser, who may also enter a stressed state in attempting to support their partner, family member, friend or colleague.

If you are asked to provide a ‘big ear’ or be the ‘rock of Gibraltar’ for a stressed… Continue reading

Encounter Stress

“The reason humans experience so much more stress than other species isn’t just because we think more, but also because we think differently.”
Andrew J. Bernstein

We conclude our January conversation this week looking at Encounter Stress, which is the fourth area of Albrecht’s Four Types of Stress. This is where you worry about interacting with a particular person or a particular group of people. You often find a particular person difficult to deal with, you may not like… Continue reading

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