Increase Your Gratitude, Lower Your Stress

Last weekend was another magical two days we spent with a diverse group of people at our Build Emotional Resilience Training.

One of the simple things we can all do to create a stress less life is to continually work on developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Contemplating what you’re grateful for reduces cortisol by 23% according to a study published at the University of California, Davis. Researchers found that those who cultivated an ‘attitude of gratitude’ had improved mood, energy… Continue reading

Seven Stress- Less Tips from My 99 Year Old Aunt

I’m writing to you from Sydney Airport after having spent two magical days with my Aunty Glad (Gladys), an amazingly serene woman who will enter the ranks of the Centenarian’s on April 1st next year.

Although we only see each other every few years, whenever we are together if feels like it was only a week or so since our previous meeting. She is a woman who exudes calming energy and is always smiling and can see the fun… Continue reading

How Do Top Performers Handle Their Stress?

A recent survey by TalentSmart explored how business leaders handle the major stressors in business that can have serious psychological and physiological repercussions in their lives. It showed that 90 percent of top performers know how to manage their emotions in times of stress so that they remain cool, calm, and able to do what needs to be done.

Have you ever wondered how some people who experience the same stressors as their colleagues appear to thrive in the environment… Continue reading

Is Your Stress Management Taking a Back Seat?

Most people are finding it harder and harder to achieve their stress management goals as the pace of life quickens.

Is your stress management taking a back seat to the responsibilities of your daily life?

One of the major keys to making stress your friend is to move your stress management goals into the front seat and be proactive in creating some ‘me time’ for yourself every day.

How you start your day and end your day are key factors… Continue reading

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