Happy hormones

The Euphoria of Stress

During my 10 km Mt Coot-tha walk in Brisbane this morning I was in a semi-meditative state for a period of time, after my climb was complete and I was walking on a relatively flat section before my decent.

My mind was having one of those 12,000 internal conversations a normal brain has on an average day as Susan Pearce tells us in her book, Wired For Life…Retrain Your Brain and Thrive’

My body, mind and spirit were… Continue reading

21 Benefits of Endorphins… the ‘Inner Uppers’

In the early 1980’s American Dr Dale Anderson, M.D. discovered that humorous fun, and laughter using creative Method Acting techniques dramatically enhanced the health and well being of his patients.

I experienced Dale Anderson’s techniques first hand at a workshop in Brisbane in 1982 that was sponsored by The Australian Wellness Association. It was an evening of experiencing fun and joy by engaging in laughter exercises and other physical Method Acting techniques.

Endorphins are morphine like chemicals that are made… Continue reading

Smiling Can Reduce Stress and Increase Wellbeing

Science has known for many years that the simple act of smiling can not only ‘turn on’ happy hormones in the body of the giver of the smile, but also in the body of the receiver of the smile.

When an individual smiles at another individual, the receiver most times, returns the smile as it is the polite thing to do. This reciprocal action is inherently a healthy practice. Both parties receive a hormone bath of serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins… Continue reading

The Chemistry of Thoughts Can Heal You

Recently I watched the health documentary THE CURE IS…which covered many aspects of illness and disease and focused on overwhelming evidence backed by science, that our thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotions may be one of the greatest threats to our health.

Experts featured in THE CURE IS… included stem cell biologist and author Dr Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson (The Age of Miracles), leading health authority Paul Chek, scientist, visionary and scholar Gregg… Continue reading

Is Your Stress Management Taking a Back Seat?

Most people are finding it harder and harder to achieve their stress management goals as the pace of life quickens.

Is your stress management taking a back seat to the responsibilities of your daily life?

One of the major keys to making stress your friend is to move your stress management goals into the front seat and be proactive in creating some ‘me time’ for yourself every day.

How you start your day and end your day are key factors… Continue reading

Kissing Decreases Stress

Imagine this…the average person spends more than 20,000 minutes of their life kissing! What a wonderful way to decrease your stress and boost the function of your immune system.

Research has also revealed that couples who spent a period of six weeks making kissing a major priority in their daily routine reported marked decreases in their levels of stress. These couples also reported greater relationship satisfaction and improvements in body chemistry including decreases in their levels of cholesterol and… Continue reading

Smiling Can Reduce Stress

Have you ever been so stressed and overwhelmed that you felt that you didn’t know what to do or who to turn to? Then out of the blue, someone appears in your space who engages you with a wonderful smile and your stress is magically gone.

What happened in that instant of time? How can something as simple as a smile be responsible for changing your state and changing your outlook. 

The receiving of a smile cannot be overlooked… Continue reading

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