21 Benefits of Endorphins… the ‘Inner Uppers’

In the early 1980’s American Dr Dale Anderson, M.D. discovered that humorous fun, and laughter using creative Method Acting techniques dramatically enhanced the health and well being of his patients.

I experienced Dale Anderson’s techniques first hand at a workshop in Brisbane in 1982 that was sponsored by The Australian Wellness Association. It was an evening of experiencing fun and joy by engaging in laughter exercises and other physical Method Acting techniques.

Endorphins are morphine like chemicals that are made… Continue reading

Seven Stress- Less Tips from My 99 Year Old Aunt

I’m writing to you from Sydney Airport after having spent two magical days with my Aunty Glad (Gladys), an amazingly serene woman who will enter the ranks of the Centenarian’s on April 1st next year.

Although we only see each other every few years, whenever we are together if feels like it was only a week or so since our previous meeting. She is a woman who exudes calming energy and is always smiling and can see the fun… Continue reading

You need a friend

When you’re down

And troubled

And you need a helping hand

And nothing, no nothing is going right

…You just call out my name

And you know, wherever I am

I’ll come running

You’ve Got a Friend, James Taylor 

There is nothing in this life – and I mean nothing – more important than friendship. And friendship takes many forms.

There is the friendship of those closest to us – our parents, our spouse, our children, our siblings and… Continue reading

Laughing Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In the early 1980’s I attended a public ‘laughter therapy’ seminar one evening at Brisbane’s Town Hall sponsored by the Australian Wellness Foundation.

The Foundation had organised a national tour featuring the ground-breaking work (at the time) of Dr Dale Anderson, a family doctor, board-certified surgeon and board-certified emergency physician from the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

The brochure I received read…

“Dr. Dale Anderson, a self proclaimed DRAMATOLOGIST aka the AGED SAGE of the VINTAGE STAGE and/or Dr.… Continue reading

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