How Can Stress Make You Fat and Create Diabetes?

When we were created way back in time we came with a fantastic safety mechanism inbuilt into our brains. If we became stressed due to impending danger like the possibility of becoming a menu item for a Saber-tooth Tiger, our body would instinctively enter the “fight or flight” mode. This would set into action a cascade of physiological events in our body that would prove to be life-saving.

In the modern day, there’s a good chance that the threat is… Continue reading

Train Until You Vomit?

In training circles there is a belief by some people that ‘training until you vomit’ is the way to get results.

This viewpoint is totally off beam, and if you’re attempting to lose weight it can be leading you into a disaster zone. This is overtraining and very stressful on your body and actually counterproductive.

The overtraining causes your physiology to backfire and release cortisol into your system and your stress levels rise. Instead of feeling alive after you work… Continue reading

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