The Rugby World Champions Are Using Mindfulness

The mighty world Rugby Champions, the New Zealand All Blacks are in a class of their own, way out in front of the nation in second place.

The All Blacks are an amazing example of playing the game with constant attention to the absolute basics, which they execute with text book precision game after game, after game.

This team of consummate professionals have a strong focus on engaging their mental skills also, so that they can nail the key moments… Continue reading

How to Boost Well being with two Phrases

I truly believe that there are two phrases which, were they said as often as they could be, would change the world for the better. Those phrases are:

Thank you; and

I love you

Such simple words but how hard can they sometimes be to say? And how much better do the recipients of our feelings and we ourselves feel and act when we share true gratitude or love with them?

‘I love you’ will be the subject of a… Continue reading

Cast a Stone Upon the Water

Offload what’s holding you back

At the time of the Jewish New Year, there is a tradition called Tashlikh where either bread or stones are cast upon running water to symbolise the casting away of all a person’s sins or wrongs. These stones represent wrongs done to them by others as well as errors and hurts they have caused themselves. As the water carries these items away, their troubles are also supposed to leave them so the New Year can… Continue reading

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