The Stressful Anticipation of Christmas

For some people, the lead up to Christmas takes them to their memory bank which can be over-flowing with memories of previous highly stressful Christmas Days.The ones that have been a disaster fill the front row seats in their mind. Anticipation of their traditional family Christmas can be stressful initially in the planning processes and the daysleading up to the big event.

Those who suffer from anticipation stress usually start to visualize stress as the days get closer to December… Continue reading

Developing Resilience to Change Your Life

Yesterday I spent the day hearing and absorbing many sad and remarkable stories of the experiences of a cross section of health care practitioners from around Australia. I attended the Second National Conference of the Health Professionals Australia Reform Association in Melbourne. The presenters were practitioners in private practice as well as some consulting and working in hospitals. They were from numerous health care disciplines in medicine, allied health care, nurses and Professors in Medical Schools from around the country.… Continue reading

A Stress-Less Life

‘A smooth sea never made a skilful mariner’
English proverb

There’s ‘bad’ stress which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained, burnt-out and unproductive.  If you do not perceive your life’s activities to be stressful, you are less likely to be negatively affected by stress whether it’s at work or in your private time according to research by Mark & Smith in 2008.

There’s also good stress which pumps up our adrenalin and cortisol levels and makes us more focused… Continue reading

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