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Why Is Living a Stress-Free Life Impossible?

This week one of our graduate Stress Management Facilitators Linn sent me an article from the December 26th 2017edition of Forbes magazine. She said, “you’ll love this John!”

The reason she said,“you’ll love this John!” is that during her training and also after attending numerous Building Emotional Resilience Training workshops she had heard me say, “ if you want to live a stress-free life, be prepared to die”.

Dr Hans Selye the scientist, endocrinologist and the ‘father of stress… Continue reading

The Stress of Trawling Through Emails

With the pace of life and the expectations of others in the work place, over stress and sometimes distress are now common place around email communication.

The Radicati Group who are a technology market research firm operating in the US and the UK report that in 2014 there were 4.1 billion email accounts and 2.5 billion users, both business and personal around the planet. The majority of email traffic comes from the business world which accounts for over 108.7 billion… Continue reading

The Good and the Bad of Cortisol

Cortisol is vital to keep you healthy in tense situations. If you stay in any stress situation for too long then cortisol can have the opposite effect and make you sick.

The role of cortisol is to restore order to your body, it puts more glucose into your blood stream so you don’t collapse when the adrenalin secretion has stopped, because the frightening event has gone. Your liver responds to extra cortisol in your system by flushing out extra glucose… Continue reading

Drainos … The Stress Vampires

You are experiencing a beautiful day, everything is flowing, the people you are touching base with are a joy to be with, the birds are chirping, it’s warm, a gentle breeze is blowing, you’re not feeling stressed in any way.

Then wham!

You are introduced to someone who you feel is draining and sapping your energy from the moment you come in contact with them. You excuse yourself and move away. You feel over stressed even when you hear their… Continue reading

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