What Behaviour is Stressing You?

Often, things in life can get out of hand as we just get way too busy and something needs to give so we keep our sanity and we don’t get overwhelmed.

The Australian Workplace Barometer Report from Safe Work Australia reported that 4,000,000 Australians are in the upper 2 quartiles of emotional exhaustion and the majority of $$$ lost are due to employees who report only mild symptoms.

When stress creeps up on us we may ask ourselves… What is… Continue reading

You CAN Just Switch Off!

Have you ever felt that you just had to Switch Off now? That if you didn’t, your vulnerability to stress could just take you out of the game of life and you would have no answer to your situation.

The pace of life now days is unrelenting, and we can easily feel we are continually on the go with everyone around us expecting instant answers and instant solutions. Overwhelm is becoming a major health problem and causing an alarming increase… Continue reading

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