Our Stress to Strength® and Stress Management Institute® team deserves full credit for our winning the Professional Services Category Award last Friday night at Logan Chambers of Commerce 2018 Business Distinction Awards to a sold-out audience at the Logan Entertainment Centre. We were the winner in the Professional Services category.

I posted this image on social media of myself receiving the award on behalf of our amazing team and Advisory Board.

A great friend in the US saw one of… Continue reading

Lack of Sleep Now #1 Cause of Rising Stress Levels

The Medibank Better Health Index Research was released on December 28 for the 2016-17 period. The research revealed sleep — or a lack of — has been self-reported as a key contributor to Australians’ rising stress levels in 2017 (44%).

The incidence of mental health issues is the highest amongst those affected by stress, according to new Medibank data.

With the lives of many people around the world being driven now by electronic devices, mainly, mobile phones, solid sleeping has… Continue reading

The ‘Weight Creep’ Phenomenon

For so many years the passion I have had as a practicing chiropractor, and then as a coach, mentor and consultant to chiropractors around the world, has meant that four to five hours sleep a night became the norm for me.

My daily routine started at 4.30 each morning either running or swimming or at the gym. As my working career started as a physical education teacher I have understood that one of the key pillars to maintaining good health,is… Continue reading

The Sound Sleep System

Sleep deprivation is such a common condition now in society you may not even realize you suffer from it. Science has now recognized that a sleep deficit can have serious and far reaching effects on your entire health and well being.

Researchers agree that six to eight hours per night appears to be the optimal amount of sleep for most adults, and too little or too much can have adverse effects on your health.

Poor sleep can increase stress-related disorders.… Continue reading

Sleep, Weight, Cortisol and Stress

Most of my working life I have only needed four hours sleep a night with a ten or twelve hour catch up sleep every so often to keep me in balance.

As I commented two weeks ago I slept for four hours a night because my view of sleep was that it was a wasteful activity. Sleeping too long was something that robbed me of time and made my days shorter. I had so much to do and I have… Continue reading

The Power of Sleep

For many years’ I slept for four hours a night because my view of sleep was that it was a wasteful activity. Sleeping toolong was something that robbed me of time and made my days shorter. I had so much to do and I have always been extremely passionate about my work.

My underlying thought was I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I pass on from this world. And, I have never experienced a poor night’s sleep. I… Continue reading

The 9% That Can Save Your Life

Most of us don’t realise that that only 9% of the nerves in the human body are sensory nerves, i.e. they record pain and sensation that we feel.

Many victims of deadly heart attacks have had no pain or symptoms prior to the massive attack that stops them ‘dead in their tracks’, and kills them. How fortunate they would have been if that had previously experienced heart pain.

Stress is cumulative in the body, and the toxic build-up of stress,… Continue reading

2016 De-Stress Resolutions

Finally with school back in action the business world has also settled into its New Year swing.

I was speaking at a corporate luncheon last week and was asked for my list of

‘De-Stress To Do’s in 2016’ to create a life where stress did not dominate my life. My first response was to reply that as stress is a perception, I have a choice as to how I perceive the world and people around me, and then act accordingly.… Continue reading

Is Bedtime a Time of Stress and Frustration?

Recently a woman I met shared with me that her sixteen year old daughter was often distressed and was falling asleep in class. The mother then discovered that her daughter was receiving over 400 texts per day and night and was now spending most of her sleeping hours from 10pm to 4am answering texts from other girls while lying in bed.

Then, at a conference I was attending two women who had run an adult dating agency shared that they… Continue reading

Sleeping Away Your Stress

When stress is mounting and you’re feeling overwhelmed as your day progresses, getting enough sleep needs to be one of your top priorities. Sleep study experts say at least eight hours of sleep every night is a key in managing your stress, even if you feel like you can ‘get by’ on less.

Being really passionate about what you do can easily lead you down the sleep deprivation path. You can become so emotionally involved in your tasks that you… Continue reading

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