The Stress Response… Jack Reacher

The Christmas/New Year period is either an over-stress and/or dis-stress time for many people or a eustress stimulating and relaxing time for others… it’s either a time of ‘bad’ stress, or a time of ‘good’ stress.

For me this year, it was a wonderful time of eustress. My wife Judy had given me some fantastic books to lay back and read when I wasn’t watching the Australia – India Test Cricket matches, or snoozing.

It was a time to relax,… Continue reading

Is It Time to Take Massive Action?

When you personally experience a life crisis your body’s chemistry rapidly responds to assist you to handle the traumatic event. It doesn’t matter if the threat is physical, chemical, mental, emotional or spiritual, your internal hormonal production goes to work instantly to support you and protect you.

The body’s stress-response system is usually self-regulating. It decreases harmful hormone levels and enables your body to return to normal once a threat or a perceived threat has passed. As cortisol and adrenaline… Continue reading

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