Your Words Can Reveal You’re Stressed

A very interesting paper by Matthias Mehl et al on how the words we use can identify our level of stress and anxiety was recently published in the proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences.

The lead author Dr Matthias Mehl from the Department of Psychology, University of Arizona says that our linguistic embellishment of the words you use is likely to be a much more reliable indicator of stress levels than self-diagnosis.

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Words Are Real Forces

In the early 1980s I was attending a chiropractic seminar in Dallas, Texas and one of the speakers Major Bertrand De Jarnette made a profound statement that really set me thinking. He said… “Words kill more people than bullets”.

He went on to explain that words are real forces and can have either a solid positive and supportive effect on the receiver or words can have a dramatically disastrous negative effect on the receiver.

A child who is continually told… Continue reading

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