Recently at a business breakfast in Brisbane I met a very alive and grounded woman by the name of Marney Perna. She handed me her postcard size business card and asked me,”how much stress do you have in your life?”

Marney then shared with me her top ten stress busting techniques. Here they are…

  1. Smile. A smile raises your personal vibrational energy and naturally assists in releasing your happy hormones. It takes 72 muscles to frown and 13 muscles to smile. Save you energy.

  3. Breathing. Deep belly breathing to the count of 5 and expel the breath slowly.

  5. Language. Be aware of your language and choose positive words to raise your vibrations and life energy levels. Replace, “that will kill me,” with, “I know I’m able to keep going”.

  7. Flip the Card Over. You can easily lower your stress levels by changing you expectation levels. Instead of saying, “I will never find a car park”, to, “a car park will be available and waiting for me”.

  9. Best Evers. When you are having a horror day and you lock that thought into your being by saying, “what a bad day I’m having today”, your stress levels rise. Instead, stop yourself and say, “just a moment!”, and rephrase the sentence to include the word ‘best’ in it. Search for a collection of ‘best evers’ every day.

  11. Compliment Yourself. Compliments raise your life energy. Don’t wait for others to compliment you, make the conscious connection to tell yourself, ‘well done’. Even give yourself a pat on the back. Write a short list of your wins each day.

  13. Attitude. Think about the expression, ‘glass half full or glass half empty’. The lower your vibrational energy, the greater the chance you can be sad and stressed. As soon as you elevate your attitude, you lower your stress.

  15. Exercise. For some people the very word ‘exercise’ is a stress! If that’s you, change the word for say ‘movement’ which you may find more relaxing. Long term sitting is being recognised now as something that stresses the function of the body. Movement is essential every day to allow for better circulation, enhance lung function and the flow of lymph in your body.

  17. Face and Identify Your Stress. A person who is under a lot of stress begins to build up a ‘stress bank deficit’ and their primary life energy is lowered. This results in reduced immune system function and the person’s tolerance is lowered and their stress levels rise. Work on identifying as many stressors as you can and develop a strategy to allow you to handle each one when it pops up.

  19. Memories. Your brain is a super computer and it has an almost unlimited memory bank and capacity. It is often the memory of an incident or event that causes us the stress. Remember the past cannot be changed, the future is not set in stone, and the only time frame you have any ability to change is NOW! This is done by giving an alternative to the original response.

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  • Phillip Ebrall

    I like the thought of a ‘stress-bank’ deficit, similar to ‘sleep-bank’. It provides a new perspective.

    Not sure how I would go though on a bad day if I changed to ‘this is my best-ever bad day’ … perhaps I’d raise a smile.

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