Decreased Stress, Decreased Overheads, Increased Patient Numbers … the Perfect Match

“I would like to tell you how Drs John and Judy Hinwood have helped me change things for the better in my professional and private life.

Having been in practice for approximately 10 years I had built my Chiropractic practice up to a level where I was seeing the number of patients per week that I wished to see but it was taking an inordinate amount of energy to maintain this level. Over time this ‘stress’ was starting to have an effect on my health and total well being. Regular chiropractic adjustments and ‘healthy living’ had allowed me to continue but the realisation that something was about to give made me look for an alternative to the way I practiced. As with most things if you put the questions out there you will receive the answer. Along came Joh and Judy Hinwood . With personal, one to one coaching and a complete range of products to implement the strategies needed, John and Judy made the difference. I have not looked back since.

I highly recommend that you seriously consider having a personal coach and John and Judy Hinwood will make your life more enjoyable and rewarding!”

Dr Thom McDonell (Chiropractor), Brisbane, Qld, Australia

PS “I fractured my ankle while walking in the garden, at home, 3 months after starting coaching . Thanks to John my convalescent period was stress free. Six months later the practice was less stressful and ironically practice overheads had decreased significantly and patient numbers had increased.”

The coaching and mentoring helps us to remain focused and to stay on purpose…

When I started coaching with John Hinwood I had a slightly different goal in mind. I wanted to sell my practice. After nearly 15 years of successful practice I felt it was time to move on. John and Judy were very supportive to this goal and within a few months I was able to sell my practice to a wonderful new doctor. I have been able to experience seeing my practice come full circle. From the early beginnings of the first patient coming through the door to seeing the toddlers I adjusted graduate from high school. I developed and nurtured a practice that now lives on in my absence. It’s very gratifying to drive by and see the parking lot full and know that patients are being cared for and a new doctor’s dreams are coming true because of something I started.

After achieving the sale of the practice my husband and I continue to consult with John and Judy. Our focus has changed to cultivating a contracting business Bob started several years ago. What we have learned is that the same principles used to develop the chiropractic practice apply to all business. Patients may be called clients and instead of providing adjustments we provide contracting services. The rewards come not from enhancing someone’s health but from seeing their dreams come true through the things we build. People are people the world over and it has been said that if you provide enough other people with what they want, then you can have what you want. John and Judy help us to remain focused and to stay on purpose.

Thank you John and Judy for your knowledge and dedication.

Dr. Diana L Henson & Robert H Henson, Lanark , Illinois, USA

Coaching continues to assure a successful, fulfilling and vibrant life for me.

As a new graduate, a professional coach was a no-brainer. I got lots of glossy brochures mailed to me but John and Judy Hinwood were the only coaches that gave their time, money and expertise to get in front of a bunch of students and begin the process. That gave me a good idea of their aims and values. Coaching assured a successful practice.

After 5 years in practice I began to see many of my mentors and peers suffering burn out. The idea of becoming jaded with chiropractic appalled me. So I kept up my coaching for another decade. During those 10 years I coached with a few other groups and learned that some coaches suit me better than others. I even tried some self managed coaching thinking I only needed the odd seminar to brush up. That does not work! Coaching assured a successful and rewarding career.

So why after 19 years in practice do I still use a coach? And why do I always return to where I started? I have two practices that run smoothly and are a joy to be in for clients and team alike. I am in love and married to the same man I dated at College and have 2 wonderful children. I have mastered the fine art of being devoted to my family and passionate about chiropractic without short changing either. My love of learning has grown not waned. I’ve undertaken formal post grad study. Being in practice using my new functional neurology skills is exciting, rewarding and leaves me eager to learn more. I can’t imagine ever wanting to retire. When I look at people around me I realise my joy and satisfaction in my life is not the norm. Some people think I’m really lucky. Some people think I’ve got super powers they don’t possess. I’m sure some people don’t believe it and are watching and waiting for the wheels to fall off. I know it’s a lot to do with my coaching. The program John and Judy have developed evolves with you. It is focused on your needs, your values, your goals. A coach’s exercises should challenge your beliefs and stretch your capabilities but John and Judy will never compromise your integrity or decide for you what success looks like. Coaching continues to assure a successful, fulfilling and vibrant life for me.

Dr Tessa Henville (Chiropractor), Wellington Point, Qld, Australia

I Will Continue to Flourish

“I never knew how much I still had to learn about communicating, business skills and personal development until I was introduced to John and Judy Hinwood. So many times I found myself saying, ‘I wish I knew that way back when …’ I’m simply overjoyed that I know it now. All the information that I’ve gained from John and Judy is applicable to my work and my private life right now and I know that in the future it will continue to make the journey so much easier and enhance the wonderful experience of life. The fantastic information and the one on one coaching have shown me how to shape my life into just what I want it to be. Thanks for the experience, I will continue to flourish.”

Dr Linda Tarran (Chiropractor), Sydney, NSW, Australia

I Have Been Able to Reclaim My Inner Peace and Calm…

“I found my experience with Dr Judy enabled me to become more centred and grounded. Even more importantly, I have been able to reclaim my inner peace and calm. This has been a huge improvement for me in my everyday life. It’s so refreshing to consult a practitioner such as Dr Judy Hinwood who looked at my whole health and my future health rather than an immediate problem. Because I know my health affects my life it is the whole balance of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental areas that give the best and most lasting results. If you are seeking to improve your whole health and life then Stress to Strength Coaching can certainly provide you with the help and tools.

Thank you Judy, I am grateful for your expertise. I also thank the team who were friendly, professional and created a welcoming and peaceful environment.”

Berni Ireland, Burleigh Heads, Qld, Australia

I Feel Enlightened and Excited…

“After spending some time with Dr Judy Hinwood at her Mind Your Life Centre, I feel enlightened and excited about the guidance and direction she has provided me with to create a calmer and more positive approach to my thoughts, my body and also my whole life.

I thank you Judy for your support and compassion.”

Leanne Horn, Tugun, Qld, Australia

I’ve Explored and Overcome Barriers…

My time at Judy Hinwood’s Mind Your Life Centre has opened my eyes to the experience of life being the balance of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. I can truly say it has allowed me to explore and overcome barriers that I had unknowingly carried for many years. I now feel a great release and can move on with a more positive outlook. I want to thank you Judy, I look forward to our appointments and appreciate your wisdom and expertise.

Sandra Galloway, Casuarina Beach, NSW, Australia

How Powerful the Mind Can Be…

“Our experience with Dr Judy Hinwood from was an unforgettable one! Our teenage daughter had major spinal surgery. After coming out of the anaesthetic she had one reaction after another with the drugs the doctors were giving her for pain relief. Not only was she trying to cope with the pain but the intense side effects of the drugs. Judy Hinwood called to see if we would mind if she used her techniques on Channelle to help her deal with the pain without drug induced pain relief. Before Judy’s arrival Channelle was having a particularly bad time both emotionally and physically with the build up of her condition which was not improving.

Judy spent approximately half an hour with Channelle teaching her how powerful the mind can be and how to overcome the situation she was in. As Judy left Channelle fell into a deep sleep and slept 5-6 hours which was the most she had slept at once since the operation. On awakening the nausea and vomiting had subsided and she continued to use Judy’s methods of pain relief throughout the course of her hospitalisation and throughout the many weeks of recovery once she returned home. The whole experience made us as a family all aware of how powerful the mind can be when put to good use and that Judy Hinwood is nothing short of a ‘Miracle Worker’”.

Helen Lewis, Salt, NSW, Australia