While many of us are familiar with the emotional impact of stress, we tend to overlook its physical aspects. In fact, the stress response can produce physical symptoms which, if sustained over a long period of time, can have a devastating effect on our health.

How Stress Affects Your Body

Everyone experiences stress differently. Many people suffer from tension headaches and may experience dizziness.Another common symptom of stress is having muscle tension or pain.It could also sap your energy levels – making you feel tired all the time and have problems sleeping. What’s more, it can indirectly affect your health by producing unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking, drinking or over/under-eating.

Studies have also revealed that regular exposure to over-stress over a long period of timecan also have a very dangerous effect. As those who experience chronic stress, are more likely to suffer from health conditions down the line such as diabetes, autoimmune disease and depression.

Why Does Stress Affect Our Physical Health?

Scientific research shows us that the physical symptoms we associate stress are brought about by the stress response. This is because the stress response puts the body in “high alert mode” and this shifts attention away from regular bodily functions.

What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

Learning effective stress management techniques is a key part of maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Everyone has different ways of coping under pressure, so it’s important to learn what works for you. Many find breathing exercises and meditation to be helpful in times of stress. Once you have sufficiently calmed down, try to identify the causes. Try to find a practical solution of it’s something that can be fixed or try to let go of those things that can’t be changed. It’s also a good idea to engage in positive lifestyle behaviours such as exercise and healthy eating.

Learn More About The Science of Stress

If you are interested in the science of the stress cycle and would like to find out more about how it affects your body, be sure to scroll down to the infographic guide below.

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