I was reading a review of a new book due out in January by Bella Zanesco’s, Smart Girls Screw Up Too — The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want.

In 2013, Bella Zanesco was climbing the career ladder three steps at a time. She was a successful business executive heading up strategy, transformation and innovation for large corporations in London, New York, Asia and Australia. She was responsible for delivering over US$5 billion to Fortune 500 companies.

Bella said… “But then, each morning I got up and thought: ‘This just doesn’t feel right anymore.’ I was successful and smart, but I didn’t like what I was doing anymore. I was depressed and exhausted. I was in my mid-thirties, I’d just been dumped, and I felt like I wasn’t doing anything well.”

She had hit ‘burn out’!


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How to Manage Stress and Anxiety – Precession, Balance and Keeping Calm

She tried green juices, yoga and some different career paths. She fuelled her body with good food and learned how to meditate and took up sailing.

While her life might still be as jam-packed as it was pre-burnout, she’s developed a strategy she calls “electric fencing” — setting firm boundaries — to prevent her from revisiting that dark place.

“There are a lot of things I have to do very differently now. I’ve had to stop consulting roles, I’ve had to say no to people,” Bella said.

“Now it’s a non-negotiable for me to have an hour of self-care a day, whether that’s a walk in the morning or meditation or yoga.”

At Stress to Strength we have been teaching the NO strategy for many years. The simple act of saying NO can be liberating for you.

Avoid phrases such as:

‘I don’t think I can’ or ‘I’m not certain’, and replace these with the short and simple NO.

The more difficulty that you have saying NO, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression, research at the University of California,San Francisco found.

The National Australia Bank’s quarterly Wellbeing Index research released in March 2017 found that young women currently experience the lowest levels of wellbeing in the country with almost one in two reporting “high” anxiety.

Remember, only YOU can change your state of wellbeing and choosing not to choose, is choosing!

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