The mighty world Rugby Champions, the New Zealand All Blacks are in a class of their own, way out in front of the nation in second place.

The All Blacks are an amazing example of playing the game with constant attention to the absolute basics, which they execute with text book precision game after game, after game.

This team of consummate professionals have a strong focus on engaging their mental skills also, so that they can nail the key moments in every game that really matter. They understand that physical prowess alone does not necessarily give you a winning advantage. Engaging mindfulness can give you the winning edge.

In a recent television interview All Black’s hooker, Cody Taylor commented that he had a strong focus on his mental skills,so he can nail the key moments that he is responsible for in the game. He said:

“It’s really simple, you focus on your breathing, it takes your mind off what’s just happened and brings you back to the present…this allows me to nail the things I need to nail in the moment.”


This Weeks Video…

Visualization for Success – The Charioteer – Dr Judy Hinwood

In the Soccer World Cup a few months ago, a commentator related some recent research from a University in Norway which measured the stress levels of players who were involved in ‘penalty shoot outs’ to decide who the game winner would be.When the scores are level at full time in major competitions like the World Cup, five players from each side line up and take alternate kicks at goal. If still tied after the five kicks have been taken, one player per side take penalty kicks until a decision is found.

The University study found the penalty kick specialists were in a state of total ‘distress’ when kicking for goal, just like their life depended on it. Those who performed the best engaged in mindfulness to move into a state of ‘overstress’ which is a healthy place to be in such situations.

Unfortunately, you can’t just decide to be more mindful and expect a better result. What we need to do is create some new brain nerve pathways for our mind to use and that involves us in practice. The practice process that works for everyone is visualisation combined with simple meditation.

Give it a go using Dr Judy’s visualisation meditation above.

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