With the pace of life and the expectations of others in the work place, over stress and sometimes distress are now common place around email communication.

The Radicati Group who are a technology market research firm operating in the US and the UK report that in 2014 there were 4.1 billion email accounts and 2.5 billion users, both business and personal around the planet. The majority of email traffic comes from the business world which accounts for over 108.7 billion emails sent and received per day. These are staggering numbers which are responsible for major over stress being experienced by many people who attempt to maintain the pace of business and life.

The average business worker in 2014 received 85 emails per day (75 legitimate and 10 spam) and sent 36 emails per day.

In 2011 the Australian School of Business research found that workers in Australia spend less than 2.5 days per week actually doing their job. The rest of the time is spent trawling through emails and other information, half of which has no relevance to their day to day priorities.

Their study found on average that it takes a person 64 seconds to recover from an email interruption and their research estimated that a 20% productivity gain can be achieved by addressing information overload in the workplace.

It has been found that if email is a stressor for you, then developing a best practice personal mental health solution for yourself is essential. Create say twice a day time slots where you handle your email. Some like first thing in the morning, others mid-morning and then a mid-afternoon wrap up session.

Once you take control of your email flow and not let your email flow control you, your life changes and you become your email master and your email stress will disappear.

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