The Christmas/New Year period is either an over-stress and/or dis-stress time for many people or a eustress stimulating and relaxing time for others… it’s either a time of ‘bad’ stress, or a time of ‘good’ stress.

For me this year, it was a wonderful time of eustress. My wife Judy had given me some fantastic books to lay back and read when I wasn’t watching the Australia – India Test Cricket matches, or snoozing.

It was a time to relax, eat good food, a trip to the beach, a movie and also have afternoon naps, something that is rare for me to indulge in.

After a very busy 2018 we both decided to basically have stay around home and relax for two weeks. Another rejuvenation tool we both used this holiday were some big sleep ins.

Judy introduced me to Lee Child’s thriller novels about the life and times of Jack Reacher.

Two of Child’s 22 books, of which he has sold over 100 million copies in 42 languages were part of my reading time.One reviewer commented that Child’s books are ‘sensationally good’… I totally agree.


This Weeks Video…

How to Handle Stress Tool – 6 LAWS OF THE MIND – Dr Judy Hinwood

The ‘stress response’ which takes hold when we go into dis-stress can be a life-saving experience for us.

In one of the books I was reading Jack Reacher’s description of the ‘stress response’ was an amazing use of prose. As I read these words in the text below, I could feel some of my body starting to experience some of these physiological changes as I was in deep state of connection with the characters in the story.

Reacher wrote…

“The crunch was coming. The rubber was about to meet the road. For the first time in his life he paid close attention to what his body was doing. He felt stress building inside him, and he felt an automatic response, some kind of primitive biological leftover, that converted it to focus and strength and aggression. He felt his scalp tingle, and an electric flow pass through his hands to his fingers. He felt his eyesight grow vivid. He felt himself get physically larger, and harder and faster and stronger.”

This is a wonderful example of how stress is actually a reaction to how we perceive things happening in our lives or the lives of others. Our neurons can mirror the neurons of others, even characters in a story.

The power of our mind to connect with the environment we place ourselves in can never be underestimated.

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