September 1st is Wattle Day in Australia and it ushers in the arrival of spring. In the sub-tropical state of Queensland where we live, it comes earlier. Wattle is a shade tree and our nations national floral emblem.

Wattle, an Acacia comes in over 1,000 varieties with early blooming to late blooming trees and can be loaded with bright yellow flowers, which can have a very strong perfume. The thin branches can eventually bend and touch the ground under the weight of the massive number of blooms sometimes.

Walking is a wonderful tool for creating eustress and to de-stress.Combining your walk in nature during the start, middle or end of your day gives you a double dose of ‘good stress’. Two half hour walks a day are even better and it will support you hugely in managing your stress.

In the large Bush Reserve that begins two houses away from our home we are currently blessed with a superb “Wattle Walk” that mother nature has provided surrounding the bush tracks. In one section this week, the branches are so heavily loaded with blossom that it has created a tunnel to walk through for 30 metres. The perfume is very powerful and the bees are currently loving it.

The joy that this experience in nature creates as we walk each day, assists in re-setting our stress default settings. It is a healing tool that regulates the flow of ‘happy stress’ hormones in the body and it supports us to move easily from stress to strength and into the calm.

A stress management strategy you can employ in your geographic location is to take advantage of special seasonal changes throughout the year.Special walks in spring, summer, autumn and winter will allow you to experience extra doses of oxytocin and endorphins which are the major eustress hormones our body needs to be bathed in regularly.

Planning you stress management by harnessing the wonders of nature, is a very powerful de-stress and healing tool.

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  • Judith Evans

    Barry and I had just been talking about how much we enjoy our walks!! We have been walking in the mornings and are going to start evenings as well.

    I remember as a child in SA the magnificent wattle spectacular that would have birds and bees alike playing a plenty.

    Loving the good stress xo

    Thank you John xo

    Hugs to you and Judy

    Judith xo

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