I trust you had a special Valentine’s Day that was filled with love and joy and you have some fond memories to treasure.

At 5pm on Tuesday I had an appointment at the Optometrist in a large local Shopping Mall. On leaving the office my mobile became the number for incoming callers.

As I pulled up in the Mall parking lot at 4.50pm my phone rang and the caller was Lesley. She was inquiring about enrolling in our Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner course. I explained that we had finished early today, however, I could chat with her as I walked to my appointment, and if we needed more time we could speak again a little later. She was happy to chat as I walked.

After initially moving through the noisy Food Court, I crossed over a major intersection in the mall and to my right was a large jewellery store situated on one corner of the cross over.


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The jewellery store was coming to the end of one of their peak sales days of the year. There was a huge arch of a very large number of red balloons with helium filled large hearts inserted every 50 cm or so. I observed this in my peripheral vision as I passed.

All of a sudden, when I was three or four shops passed the cross over all the shoppers in my vicinity stopped in their tracks as it sounded like rapid gun shots… BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!!!!!. I very quickly spun around to check out where the BANGS were coming from.

An employee of the jewellery store was having a fantastic time stabbing the balloons that had made up the Valentine’s Day Love Arch. It was close to closing and she was given the demolition job and she was loving it!!

I explained to Lesley what had happened as she could hear the BANG, BANG… as we were talking. She said, “that’s like continually hitting a pillow with a tennis racket to release pent up stress, but way more fun”. Her next words were, “can you get a photo of her doing it?” I answered, “absolutely”, as she had just started to demolish the big arch.

Lesley waited on the line and I ran back to the store. I greeted the young woman with my name and that I was from the Stress Management Institute. I asked her could I please photograph her at work zealously stabbing the balloons with a pair of scissors. She said, “go for it!”

My next question was… “have you had a stressful day and has your resilience been challenged?” She said, “you bet ya”. I asked could I use one of the many photos I had taken of her in full flight de-stress mode. She was laughing about being the centre piece of my blog this week.

Photos taken, I resumed my conversation with Lesley.

Releasing stress for some people can involve engaging in a physical activity that does not harm the person releasing it, or another person, or any aspect of the environment in a detrimental manner. Some find this physical activity abhorrent behaviour, while others find it invigorating and rejuvenating.

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