As we enter the second half of the year’s peak ‘stress season’, Christmas Day is behind us and we still have New Year and the remainder of the family ‘get together’ co-habiting time to go.

Last week’s blog, A Low Stress Christmas Day had just arrived in subscribers’ inboxes around the world and I received a response from one of our readers. He explained that the following bullet point had been a major ‘stress buster’ for his family in the past.

Set a code of conduct… no politics, no other highly charged topics that ‘ramp people up’. If it’s not positive, don’t say it.

Our reader went on to explain that his widower father a few years back had rented a sailing boat for a seven day Great Barrier Reef holiday for himself and his three adult children and their spouses and partner. It was his Christmas/New Year gift to his family.

On day one into the journey our subscriber said one of his sisters who was a master stress creator started pressing buttons of various family members. As all hell broke loose our subscriber’s wife suggested a family ‘pow wow’.

As the group was going to be in very close quarters for the next seven days with no escape, she suggested that they all agree on a code of conduct based on the following question…

Do You Want To Be Right, or Be Happy?

The family group, even the alcohol fuelled grumpy sister all settled on the… Do You Want To Be Happy?

By agreement the family group lived and played together for the week in a low stress supportive atmosphere.


Our subscriber said…”You were absolutely right, the code of conduct agreement was a major winner for our family’s health and wellbeing that Christmas/New year holiday break that year. It was a ‘no stress’ event. Amazing!!!”

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