Welcome to Stress to Strength…

I realise you have typed in expectamiracle.com and what comes up is not quite what you expected.

Our world is ever changing and after ten years of sharing miracle stories from people around the world on expectamiracle.com we have decided to totally focus on our rapidly growing work on stress management and emotional resilience.

In 2011 John was asked by the AIM to present a series of seminars for managers and leaders about Challenging and Changing Mindsets as his 7 books in the You Can Expect A Miracle series were popular with managers and leaders in the AIM Bookstore.

The feed-back above and the AIM statement below in AIM promotional material was one of the turning points that moved our thinking to stress management. Initially we supported our chiropractic patients by handing ‘Expect A Miracle’ cards to them as a support tool on their path to wellness over seventeen years of clinical practice. We then started handing these cards to thousands of other people we met along the wayon our life’s journey as we spoke around Australia and overseas at conferences focusing on changing your mindset on the road to recovery.

“Though it may sound a little ‘fluffy’ for some managers and leaders, managing your mindset is hugely important in coping with the day-to-day challenges within an organisation. Unproductive or negative, catastrophic thinking doesn’t promote growth or development and instead stymies your progress. One of Dr John Hinwoods most effective strategies is upon introduction to provide a business card with only three words printed upon it ‘Expect A Miracle’.  Through this simple, perhaps cliché device, John has changed many lives, developed an international coaching organisation and published books to support this philosophy.  A person’s internal outlook significantly impacts upon outcomes and contributes to unexplainable leaps in progress or ‘miracles’. John will discuss fixed mindset versus the growth mindset and the vital importance of the three brains.”

Simone Musgrave, Events Manager, Australian Institute of Management (AIM)- Qld & NT

Now you have arrived at www.stresstostrength.com we invite you to explore the site as it is full of practical and useful mindset techniques, tools and strategies to support you to move from stress to strength and into the calm, and learn how easy it is to develop emotional resilience.