What Behaviour is Stressing You?

Often, things in life can get out of hand as we just get way too busy and something needs to give so we keep our sanity and we don’t get overwhelmed.

The Australian Workplace Barometer Report from Safe Work Australia reported that 4,000,000 Australians are in the upper 2 quartiles of emotional exhaustion and the majority of $$$ lost are due to employees who report only mild symptoms.

When stress creeps up on us we may ask ourselves… What is the behaviour that is stressing me?

The next questions are…

What does that say about me?

What does that reflect in me?

Maybe I may ask myself… Am I arrogant? Am I too demanding? Am I not humble? Am I patronising? Do I not seek to understand why another person may be acting the way they are? Am I very judgmental?

This Weeks Video…

How to Overcome Fear – I Release – I Let Go – and I Move On – Dr Judy Hinwood

When have I presented this behaviour previously? Ask yourself… Do I act like this with only certain types of people? What are the triggers that set me off?

As a teenager I remember my mother Ivy was a what my father referred to as a ‘stress head’. She would often be stressed and the way she expressed it was to say… “I’m up to a thousand!”

Her chosen tool to turn around her stressed state was first to state openly to those around her… “I’m up the a thousand!” She would then step back, be quiet for a while, and let her soul catch up.

We teach this tool as The Cancel Sign, and make the statement to ourselves, “I release, I let go and I move on”.

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