On 26 February 2018 Choice magazine reported that Australia’s largest supermarkets have been awarded a fail mark for their role in manufacturing and promoting unhealthy foods in a new independent academic report.

The Deakin University report by researchers at the Global Obesity Centre, assessed Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA’s nutrition and obesity prevention policies and commitments.

The study took into consideration six different criteria, including whether home-brand products have healthy formulations, whether unhealthy foods are advertised to children and teenagers, and the pricing strategies used to market both junk and healthy foods.

The scores were calculated by putting publicly available data (collected up until the end of 2017) through an assessment tool used by health researchers in more than 20 countries.

Each supermarket was scored out of 100.

Woolworths was awarded the highest score of just 46%, followed by Coles with 40%.

Discount supermarkets Aldiat 11%and IGA trailed with a score of 8%.

Two out of every three adults are considered overweight or obese, says Associate Professor Gary Sacks, the lead author of the study.

Woolworths and Coles were commended for reducing the levels of sodium, sugar and fat, as well as rolling out the government’s voluntary health-star rating system, on their own-brand products.

Numerous research studies have found that under times of stress, our bodies need 4 times more nutrients than at a time when everything is flowing at a normal balanced pace.

How Your Health is Impacted by Bad Habits When You Are Stressed

  • Blood Sugar and Insulin Imbalances: When you don’t eat enough food or don’t eat food with necessary nutrients, you can experience blood sugar fluctuations. These fluctuations can lead to mood swings, fatigue, poor concentration and other negative consequences in the short term, and greater health problems like hyperglycemia and Type 2 Diabetes in the long run.
  • Caffeine Side Effects: Too much caffeine can lead to poor concentration, lower levels of productivity, sleep disturbances and increased levels of cortisol in the blood, as well as other negative effects.
  • Decreased Immunity: Poor nutrition can also lead to lowered immunity so you’re more susceptible to illnesses, both minor and major.

In times of stress…

Sideline … fast foods, soft drinks, energy drinks and excessive amounts of coffee.

Replace with … spring or filtered water, high quality nutrient food that is chemical and additive free.

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