Men were the key participants who once populated the medieval knitting guilds of Europe, and men are once again picking up the needles.

Last Sunday morning in Brisbane the Stress Management Institute® hosted their graduation for Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner and Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator students. A Skype video link was also used to connect with student’s interstate.

So, where does Men Knitting and De-Stressing fit into a graduation ceremony?


This Weeks Video…

Healing Guided Meditation – The Well – Dr Judy Hinwood

At our post-graduation morning tea one of the graduates Louise Harrison who had just returned from a holiday in the UK, shared with the group that she was had met a man in England who shared with her that where he worked he was one of a group of men who used knitting as their ‘stress busting’ activity, and it really worked.

Louise went on to say she shared the knitting story with her mother that evening who related to her that some twenty years earlier her father had broken his arm and he was very frustrated and stressed that the healing was so slow. His doctor had prescribed knitting as the best healing tool he could engage in and also an excellent ‘stress buster’.

The discussion continued with other graduates talking about men’s knitting groups – like a Men’s Shed activity on the Australian scene.

Megan Collier another graduate added that knitting encourages mindful practice because we need a certain amount of focus whilst engaging in it, but it’s sufficiently relaxing and makes use of our creative right brain.

Megan also gave the example of the knitting box in her General Practitioners reception that encourages people to “share” the current knitting project. Patient’s can pick up the knitting and add a few rows while they wait and de-stress in the process. The added benefit is they enjoy the sense of community it brings and the knowledge that completed items will be donated to charity.

My curiosity had me ask Dr Google for some help and I found some interesting articles. This article you may enjoy. ‘Men’s Knitting Group Defies Stereotypes, D.C. Men Knit meets twice a month in Old Town.’

So, to slow down, relax and have a task to support a busy mind you may wish to engage in some knitting from time to time.

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